20 years of chandra

20 years ago this week, Eileen Collins became the first female commander of a Space Shuttle. So, we know a lot more about these distant X-ray sources than we did before, and that was certainly a major input to science and astrophysics. galaxy cluster, fraction of the speed of light multimessenger in nature, with many of the very significant and

Host: Many thanks to Martin and Helen for joining us on the podcast. Host: What do you find most fascinating about the observatory? It was really nice because that’s the way to really build something.

observed with Chandra to spin I mean it’s amazing. Then I moved away and did some other spaceflight activities and got to manage some other things. What are some of your favorites? Cole: Some of the challenges in managing this project are what you might expect and some are what you might not expect. Is something going to go wrong?” Nobody cared about us. worth of oxygen ejected into Host: What are some of the challenges you face as project manager? with any questions. magnetic field of a magnetar is for a supermassive black hole That’s one of the great things about the observatory. This meeting will celebrate the twenty years of the Chandra Chandra is one of NASA’s Great Observatories and has the sharpest vision of any X-ray telescope ever built. In its 20 years of Cole has enjoyed the role of managing projects and activities at Marshall Space Flight Center over the past 18 years, and has gained experience with all phases of the flight project life cycle. It’s wonderful. Some of the things you might expect is that we have the continuous challenge of planning ahead to make sure we’re ready for any possible anomaly that might come along in operations. launch and deployment of Chandra as described by the STS-93 crew. Weisskopf: That’s a very good question you’ve asked, and the answer is I never thought about it. Weisskopf: I like to think that I get a very positive response.
You build an observatory or an instrument that is 10 times or a hundred times more powerful than whatever came before. There will also Download the official NASA Chandra X-ray Observatory mission patch, updated for our 20th anniversary. Whether you can point to things or not, it’s going to make great discoveries, and Chandra has all of those ingredients. Host: And now we’re joined by Project Scientist Martin Weisskopf.

number of octaves below So, we work very hard to keep ahead of any trending behaviors we might see on the spacecraft as it ages, and I think we have a very good track record in doing this effectively.

Host: What do you remember about launch day? Host: Absolutely. If you have suggestions for interview topics, please let us know on Twitter at NASA APPEL, and use the hashtag SmallStepsGiantLeaps. active research in X-ray astronomy, but will emphasize the science that is First of all, Chandra was built with a superb angular resolution, its ability to position objects in the sky and tell the difference between one and another that’s very close to it, to look very deep and to resolve what we thought of at the time, what we called it the diffuse X-ray background. It’s Perkin-Elmer who built the optics. star it tore apart, quantity of Sun masses in the We have some very experienced, even charter members on our team right now. Exploring the Invisible: 20 years of NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory.

neutron star merger and gravitational The science output has been tremendous. Also, the success that this was a mission that was built essentially on cost and on schedule. We invite you to take a moment and subscribe to the podcast, and tell your friends and colleagues about it. in the “Death Star” galaxy and the It’s Marshall Space Flight Center. Conference Poster

So, you couldn’t take old results and use them as calibrations on orbit. For example, the angular resolution was almost a factor of 10 better than anything that had been flown before. Two decades later, Chandra is still on orbit and is considered one of NASA’s most successful missions. There will be a Weisskopf was previously an assistant professor at Columbia University and performed many pioneering experiments in X-ray astronomy—particularly in X-ray polarimetry.

So, there’s always a lot of pressure from, “Are you sure you really need this?

We are going to be planning actually our more formal events for the project in August, and that is on top of the 20th anniversary of first light from Chandra, and we’re going to end the year in December with a science symposium in Boston. How did this all get started, and how long have you been working on the project? The meeting will cover all areas of Weisskopf: You have to remember this beast was designed for three years, with the goal of five, and we’re in our twentieth year now. Martin Weisskopf: Chandra has been as productive in many scientific measures as Hubble or any other scientific observatory that NASA has ever launched. We look forward to what the next years may bring. Host: [Laughs].

Host: So that all ended up being a complete success. Weisskopf: Well, really, the honest answer is we really don’t know yet.

Created Date: 6/20/2019 9:33:59 PM Title: 20 Years of Chandra piece of neutron star, number of Earth masses It’s truly amazing and it’s contributed to everything.

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