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The Taungurung (Daung wurrung) people occupy much of central Victoria. Copyright © 2020 Monash University. Alternate Names. This person or group took the lead responsibility for their story. This meant that soundtrack needed to project the emotions and messages of urgency and so on. The language spoken by members of four Koorie clans that lived in adjoining estates in the Port Phillip region was known as Woi wurrung. The group not only needed to learn how to speak a language they had never spoken before, but they also had to learn how to perform. [1][6], In March 1863 after three years of upheaval, the surviving leaders, among them Simon Wonga and William Barak, led forty Wurundjeri, Taungurong (Goulburn River) and Bun warrung people over the Black Spur and squatted on a traditional camping site on Badger Creek near Healesville and requested ownership of the site. Finally the group had produced their first animation Winjara Wganhanyan (Why We All Die). This process involved sending images and short animations for the group to discuss, ask for changes, and approve.
Their territory was to the north of the Great Dividing Range in the watersheds of the Broken, Delatite, Coliban, Goulburn and Campaspe Rivers. [5], In February 1859 some Wurundjeri elders, led by Simon Wonga (aged 35) and brother Tommy Munnering (aged 24) petitioned Protector William Thomas to secure land on behalf of the Taungurong clans for the Kulin at the junction of the Acheron and Goulburn rivers in Taungurong territory. As soon as the group were ready they were recorded. After many discussions the Dolodanin-dat Animation Project Group was formed in 2013 and we began animating. This went to the group at different stages for changes, comment and feedback. ‘Yangun Gulinj Wiinj’ based on the story ‘How Man First Came In Possession Of Fire’ is the second animation and is currently in production. The first step was developing animation processes for the partnership between the Dolodanin-dat Animation Project Group and MCLA. The Taungurung language has not been spoken fluently since the 19th century. You’ll receive credits toward complimentary access to Ethnologue for every contribution that is vetted and accepted by our editors. From Kilmore in the west, eastwards to Mount Beauty, to below Benalla in the north and south to the top of the Great Dividing Range and boundaries with adjoining Aboriginal tribes are respected in accordance with traditional laws. Dja Dja Wurrung. The Kulin Nation group shares common dreamtime ancestors and creation stories, religious beliefs, economic and social relationships. Boon Wurrung elder and language specialist Aunty Fay Stewart-Muir shares ten words that were once spoken in the coastal region of Victoria stretching from Werribee River to Wilson’s Promontory. Many of the stories chosen had been made English both in language and construction – they had been translated and written for an English speaking audience. When the next animation is completed, both animations will be viewable on this site. [4], A raiding party of up to 40 Taungurong is believed to have been killed in May–June 1839 on Dja Dja Wurrung territory at the Campaspe Plains massacre. Information for Indigenous Australians. They lived to the north of, and were closely associated with, the Woiwurrung speaking Wurundjeri people. We acknowledge and pay respects to the Elders and Traditional Owners of the land on which our four Australian campuses stand. Their country encompasses the area between the upper reaches of the Goulburn River and its tributaries north of the Dividing Range. Their country encompasses the area between the upper reaches of the Goulburn River and its tributaries north of the Dividing Range. The Taungurong people, also known as the Daung Wurrung, were thirteen clans who spoke the Daungwurrung language and were part of the Kulin alliance of indigenous Australians. [6], The Taungurung Clans Aboriginal Corporation was registered as a Registered Aboriginal Party by the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council on 16 July 2009.

We live according to the ways of the land. Through the use of the Taungurung dictionary, and help from volunteer linguist Dr Julie Reid the Group began storyboarding, scripting and translating the following stories into Taungurung: The stories have been developed from an amalgamation of the Taungurung creation stories retold and handed down through generations and also various publications, particularly ‘Bunjil’s Cave: Myths, Legends and Superstitions of the Aborigines of South-East Australia’ by Aldo Massola. The animation process began with the Dolodanin-dat Animation Group returning their stories to Taungurung. The Taungurong people, also known as the Daung Wurrung, were thirteen clans who spoke the Daungwurrung language and were part of the Kulin alliance of indigenous Australians. ISO 639-3. dgw.

Yaawinbu Yananinon’ compiled by Lee Healy. If so, we invite you to join our Contributor Program. One of the short stories was selected as the first animation to test the proposed process and find what worked for the Group. June 2015 – the soundtrack and motion capture for this animation was recorded and the animation process commenced. Maintained by: Monash Indigenous Studies Centre Webmaster Team. Other members of the Kulin Nation are the Woiwurrung, Boonwurrung, Wathaurung, and Dja Dja Wurrung. In March 2015 this animation was completed. They are part of an alliance with the five adjoining tribes to form the Eastern Kulin Nation. Other members of the Kulin Nation are the Woiwurrung, Boonwurrung, Wathaurung, and Djadjawurrung. Authorised by: Chief Marketing Officer, Strategic Marketing and Communications. Monash University is a registered higher education provider under the TEQSA Act 2011. The various clan groups migrated on a seasonal basis through their territory dependent upon the seasonal variations of weather and the availability of food. This section explains this process stage by stage using the first animation Winjara Wganhanyn (Why We All Die) as example. The story was first studied as a group to find the best way to bring the stories to life. Taungurung. Brent McKee (MCLA senior animator) then developed these storyboards further to show how the images can be used to tell parts the story – a single image can convey whole sections of a written story. The Victorian Corporation for Aboriginal Languages Taungurung language program began in the late 1990s, and in 2011 published the Taungurung Dictionary titled ‘Taungurung: Liwik-nganjin-al Ngula-dhan. If unwell, get tested and do not come to campus.View our latest COVID-19 updates. Edit language data; Canonical name: Daungwurrung: Aliases: Taungurong; Dhagung-wurrung; Thagungwurrung; Language code: dgw: Language family: Pama-Nyungan: Ancestors: Proto-Pama … Traditionally, each of the four Woi wurrung-speaking clans identified with specific areas (an estate). [3] The Howqua River valley contains a number of archaeological sites of significance including at least two quarry sites for greenstone, an exceptionally hard rock used for stone axes, spears and other cutting tools which the Taungurong traded with other tribes. Dallas, Texas: SIL International.

Last updated: Feb 2020. Ethnologue: Languages of the World. A language of Australia. This web edition of the Ethnologue may be cited as:  Eberhard, David M., Gary F. Simons, and Charles D. Fennig (eds.). Autonym. We are part of an alliance with the five adjoining language groups to form the Kulin Nation. The next stage was writing the script and translating them into Taungurung. This process involved individuals or groups recording with Associate Professor John Bradley and Dr Julie Reid coaching them through each line, or in some cases each word, until they had a recording that they were all happy with. Attendance on campus is strictly limited to permitted workers and exempt students; face masks must be worn at all times. But this has not stopped the Taungurung people who have been working hard to revive their language. The Dolodanin-dat Animation Project Group was formed by a group of interested Taungurung People to partner with the Monash Country Lines Archive (MCLA) to animate the creation stories in Taungurung. From this meeting Kate developed a storyboard that was brought back to the group for further discussion and input. The name literally means 'no lip (or speech)' and refers to the way in which speakers expressed the negative, that is, 'woi'. ‘Winjara Wiganhanyan’ is based on the story ‘Why Men Die’ and is the first animation. The first story produced was Winjara Wganhanyn (Why We All Die) and the lead group member was Kate ten Buuren. Also: Djadjawurrung, Jaara. Language Resources OLAC resources in and about Daungwurrung. The final stage was the animators building the animation around the soundtrack. The group nominated a member or family group for each story. Twenty-third edition. This became Coranderrk Station. Online version: http://www.ethnologue.com. At the same time, the animators began building the models that the animations would be built from. Their territory was to the north of the Great Dividing Range in the watersheds of the Broken, Delatite, Coliban, Goulburn and CampaspeRivers. In the Western Kulin language family.

[2], The Taungurong people used the King and Howqua River valleys as a major route for trade or war between tribes. The group had decided that the animations would be conversation style with the interaction between the characters telling the story, instead of having a narrator.

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