dead rising 2: off the record map

Thank you so much! I also noticed that when I started the game up, there was the chime of something being plugged into the usb. The only grinding trophy is killing 100,000 zombies and that's not as bad as you think. The trophy will pop shortly after making it. Well now's your chance to go back and clear up the remaining trophies you need. Now find a zombie and with the Boomstick out press and hold near a zombie to lift them in the air and shoot them. Finally head over to the Advanced tab and click the drop down next to Device Type: select. Missed a misc trophy in singleplayer? There's 65 total combo cards in this game, but you're only required to get 50 of them. This is story related if you're successfully arriving on time to each main case file. A very easy way to get this trophy is to go to Fortune Park. Go to the back of the store and you'll see the changing rooms, this is the secret shortcut and it's very useful. I found and downloaded old release of x360ce (Version here (last one on the list) [] I extracted the .exe to my Dead Rising Off the Record Folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Dead Rising 2 Off the Record) Step 2: New Game + Also, the vibration doenst seem to work either. From the very start if you do the Zombrex case first and inject yourself go to the Yucatan Casino. Firstly get to Uranus Zone. In here are an infinite supply of; Orange Juice, melons etc. I recommend getting the leadership book from Rags Mags in Palisades Malls upper floor, it greatly improves survivors performance. Now locate the UFO ride, you'll notice there's barricades around the outside of it, remove as many as you feel is needed. Snowflake will appear in the safehouse even if she's nowhere near the entrance to the safehouse. Get a Gold medal on all co-op challenges. Rescue a damsel in distress from the Twin Terrors. If you didn't get it in the story get it in sandbox mode instead as you need zombie kills to unlock challenges. For more info check out the trophy 'Cramped Quarters'. Note: If you have a good friend or you're a good friend you can do this to get the trophy. - Co-op Partner Thread (Read First Post!) The trophies are a lot better and you don't have to do shit tons of grinding. After this its arms will fall off and reveal rocket launchers in the boxes, climb onto one and press to send rockets up. You also want to get to lvl 47 to unlock all the skill moves for the trophy that requires it. Drop them on the floor and lead Snowflake into the steaks. Upon taking the photo of your 75th sticker the trophy will unlock. For a PP exploit see that trophy. It may take a while for Snowflake to damage the motorcycle riding guy but she will eventually. This can also be done for many other trophies too if you save at the right time. I firstly recruited Denyce and then went straight to Yucatan and killed Ted but left Snowflake. You have to take a photo of 75 of these stickers and there's a lot more than 75 in the game so the trophy doesn't need them all. Take a picture with elements of horror, brutality, outtake and erotica in a single shot. Combine it with the grass cutter to make a new combo weapon for DR2: OTR. WARNING: This will not unlock if your connected to somebody in co-op and you're not the host. Missable! Get back in the game by gaining lots of PP from pictures. I again advise you to use the 'Super BFG' for most of them and the 'Bombstick' for the PP challenges. Now you need to get 8 of them into the 'clown car'. I think this might fix the issue with 3rd party xbox controllers only. Dead Rising 2: Off the Record sees Frank West return in a remastered version of Dead Rising 2, not much has changed in the game apart from the exception of a new player (Frank instead of Chuck), also a new area called Uranus Zone. Don't worry too much about this trophy, you get loads of them for golding challenges and leveling up. This trophy seems to vary between pyschopaths. I highly recommend doing this on your second playthrough, your character will be too weak on your first playthrough and you'll need all the food you can get. Some people thought fish/sushi/lobster wasn't meat.. but it is, what else is it? All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), The trophy will pop shortly afterwards. Get over 2,000 PP from a single zombie kill. WARNING: This will not unlock if your connected to somebody in co-op and you're not the host. The option isn't there and she will die eventually and the boss fight will fail. Kill them and you should get a survivor case. To jump kick, while running press to jump and then while in the air to jump kick. Trophy will pop shortly after this. To unlock more challenges you have to reach zombie killing milestones. You may unlock this during the story play-through, I personally finished my first play-through with 2000 kills. Introduction Frank West is back again! Now you have to get all 8 into the car. or gave up on getting a gold medal in sandbox mode? This is a new mode in DR2: OFT. Now bring them a beer or other alcohol. Upon stepping into this casino you'll see a cutscene with the psychopaths Ted & Snowflake. Line up your shot and take the photo, it got me about 2000pp so you're guaranteed to get the trophy if you take the photo right. The one I'm going to mention in the guide is the easiest way. The most annoying trophy in the game. After every 7,500 zombies I highly urge you to save your game, use the save point in-between the rocks in fortune park. Get at least a Bronze medal on all co-op challenges. This made it 8 (Including Snowflake). Take a photo of a survivor in a very dramatic situation. Instead in Off the Record it gives 500 PP with the combo card., Snowball Cannon … - Alcohol: Anything that has alcohol on it, you all know what that is. © Valve Corporation. - sandbox weapon locations Use the amusement park rides to kill 10 zombies at once. There's also the newly added gamemode Sandbox, which sees the player in Fortune city with an infinite timer and no case files to do; only challenges and zombie killing. Have one player go for this trophy in singleplayer, once that player reaches the case 7-1 then have them make a save.

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