difference between imperialism and neo imperialism

-British changed the Indian gardens -America got the prestige and status 4) Europe had more respect for China because they were more “civilized” and had a centralized government -the more industrialized have the right to dominate other those who are less fit, -Europe is technologically more advanced, -makes the Europeans sound good -caused resentment of foreigners -By 1910, Japan got Korea and became a major imperialist power, -crushing blow to Russia Labels like Indian, or woman, or Muslim, or American are no more than starting points.” Said’s idea illustrates the evolution of relations between communities as a result of globalization, and the understanding and recognition of other cultures through the interpretation of cultural borders.

-low blow to the Italians, very humiliating -China continued to accept foreign diplomats in Beijing (Peking),the imperial capital By 1913, people in Australia, Canada, and the United States had higher average incomes than people in Britain (which was still Europe’s wealthiest nation).

-they put all of the different Hindu and Muslim peoples, people who had fought each other for centuries, under one system of government, -An Indian could never become the white ruler’s equal -opened 2 ports and permitted trade, -Extraterritorial rights = they only had to answer to their country, not Japan à could do whatever they wanted to do

Indirect,                            -cheaper,                            -you can’t trust the ruler as much -the idea that you should make them learn yours because you’re superior,                            -They believed in paternalism: raising the country to believe in your country

- Changes in Europe- with the unification of Germany and Italy, France and GB no longer were the only dominant powers. The information of medicine and health contained in the site are of a general nature and purpose which is purely informative and for this reason may not replace in any case, the council of a doctor or a qualified entity legally to the profession. Western imperialism created an identity crisis for native peoples because it threatened their ruling classes, traditional economies, and culture. These critics accused their governments of hypocrisy for conquering others, while they granted representative government, individual liberties, and a certain equality of opportunity at home. -where slaves could return to Africa from the United States, -the tribes believed that by putting this magic water on themselves, the bullets couldn’t hurt them, -Africans were very unsophisticated: had clubs and spears, -Another 200,000 died from starvation In other words, mother countries did not try to alter the colony’s culture. -Their greatest success was educating some elite Hindu women who took up the cause of reform. John Locke 's Views On Private Property And Politics.

-Colonies: provided supplies for the mother land (like in Britain’s case), -Create all of these goods à you need to sell them European nations also focused on opening trade routes that would give them places to sell their goods. -many Italians had no intention of settling abroad permanently, and called themselves swallows. -Joseph Conrad: wrote Heart of Darkness (1902) -Cecil Rhodes = face of British imperialism

-Principal countries = Britain, France, and Germany, -¾ of foreign investment went to other European countries Peace and stability under European control also contributed to the spread of Christianity, particularly in parts of Africa, such as the Ibo people of Nigeria. “God, Glory, and Gold” Sought precious metals and goods they could not produce Asia—luxury goods America—cash crops/land Africa—labor, ivory Sought new routes to Asia, Cheap, certain raw materials—metals, vegetable oils, dyes, cotton, hemp Colonies functioned as markets for     manufactured goods Large profits with minimum risks Military bases and materials Outlet for surplus population, Primarily Roman Catholic missionary zeal, As much Protestant missionary  activity as Catholic Humanitarianism, Africa—coastal Asia—coastal, islands Americas—primary focus for colonization, Sub-Saharan Africa divided up South and southeast Asia colonized Spheres of influence—Asia, Ocean-going vessels Cannon Muskets Writing, Quinine Vaccination Machine gun Railroad Telegraph Steamboat, Aspect of exploration and Commercial    Revolution, Africa and Asia—more commercial empire Explored for new trade routes Americas more a land empire Founded settlements Established rule, Aspect of Industrial Revolution Africa and Asia—land empires Pushed social reforms and western education Spread blessings of Western culture Nationalism Glory (place in the sun), Large geographic areas under single nation Profit over empire Dutch and British East India Companies—monopolies through trading posts British—established permanent colonies with limited self-rule Spain—subjected conquered people to system of forced labor Not interested in territorial acquisitions and war, though they did occur, Smaller colonial areas British—relied on indirect rule Other powers ruled directly through paternalism and assimilation Not result of coherent planning With telegraph, more control from mother country More racism and segregation Social snobbery, Africa—not state education; left to Missionaries; higher ed not promoted Asia—More access to higher ed Superiority of Western learning and culture stressed; ultimately provoked anti-colonial resistance  and nationalism, 1500s—Portugal & Spain 1600s—France, Britain, &     Netherlands, Great Britain dominant France Germany USA Italy Belgium Russia, Concessions Spheres of influence Protectorates Colonies, Natives of New Mexico revolted against Spanish settlers, Algerians and East Africans failed in resistance attempts, Negative— Death of natives from war and European diseases Breakdown of traditions Positive— Global exchange of food items and livestock, Negative— Death of natives from war and European diseases Economic exploitation Arbitrary political divisions Breakdown of traditions Positive— Reduced local warfare Unification Modernization Raised standards of living, Nations lost interest because: Napoleonic Wars Nationalistic movements Industrial development Cost of colonies outweighed               benefits, World War I Native uprisings, Never a single, simple process, western imperialism evolved over a 400-year period from 1450 to 1914.  New Imperialism is the mature stage of western expansion.
-It was in America’s best interests to keep China united so they could have ports for trade Hundred Days of Reform, -they believed in spiritual possessions: the idea that gods would possess them so they could fight skillfully and be immune to guns, -they felt like they were superior to the Europeans and Americans

-Europeans served many jobs: army officers, engineers, doctors, government officials, and police officers, -Egyptian peasants were poor, but largely self-sufficient Your arming the people that you’re trying to control -missionaries and humanitarians wanted to spread religion and stop the slave trade

-Shocked and humiliated, Japan reluctantly gave in and signed a treaty -“Heart of Darkness” = the book written about these horrors, -They would cut off the hands of workers if they didn’t meet the quota -iron, coal, steel, gas, oil, rubber, “survival of the fittest” The systemic and structural oppression birthed by neoliberal imperialism, once again, reproduces and implements colonialism-armed robbery on a global scale.

U.S. imperialism was also not nearly as systematic or accepted as European imperialism.

Old imperialism lasted from 1450- 1750, but imperialism alone remained until 1914.Old imperialism and new imperialism shared the same basic concept of controlling and utilizing foreign countries. -problem: Indians controlling Indians Is It Important For Organizations Help Experience A Total Reset Of Their Strategies And Approach? -by lending money for a foreign railroad, Europeans allowed the Europeans living there to develop sources of cheap food and raw materials -But in Italy, more and more Italians left up until 1914, reflecting severe problems in Italian villages and relatively slow industrial growth, -Lots went to various places such as Asiatic Russia, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand Hoarding all the profits? -wanted to defeat the Chinese to force them to give them more ports, -British used troops from India and occupied several coastal cities with their navy -Free access to Britain’s market stimulated the development of mines and plantations in many non-Western areas, Technological advances in transportation and communication facilitated the process and encouraged massive foreign investments, -Railroad construction began 1st in Europe and then in America, and spread to other parts of the globe after 1860 In Italian: says that they will give up their entire empire,    -Ethiopians defeated the Italians -in the 19th century, other industrializing countries joined with Britain to extend western domination over the entire world economy

     Treaty of Kanagawa -Forced Indians to buy British cloth -In Cuba, for example, there was a strong demand for field hands, so the Spanish government recruited Chinese laborers, who were basically slaves, -In cities they came into conflict with local populations, and these Europeans demanded a halt to Asian migration, -The general policy of “whites only” became part of Western dominance in the increasingly lopsided world -must of this investment was peaceful and mutually beneficial for lenders and borrowers, -birthrates and death rates declined in the 19th century, mainly because of the rising standard of living and the medical revolution Old imperialism focused mainly on systems of trade while new imperialism took bolder steps to overtaking nations. He was a radical English economist who wrote, Heclaimed imperialism was a symptom of unregulated capitalism, particularly the need of the rich to find outlets for their surplus capital. -stopped Russian colonial expansion in the West -The Italians had new weapons that destroyed the Ethiopians,        -not completely independent—protected by the United States The rise of these enormous income inequalities has caused a lot of debate.

©2020 Project MUSE. -Europeans and Americans got extraterritorial rights

-made from trees in Peru -This was a change to direct European rule, a sharp break from the old imperialism centered on trade and investment.

-land-owning peasants whose standard of living was falling began to leave their country

-British realized they needed education Indians to serve in the army and government as skilled subordinates.

-A broad and genuine enthusiasm for empire developed among the masses, -They criticized Kipling and his kind as racist bullies whose rule rested on brutality, racial contempt, and the Maxim gun -In 1887, it was used to crush a major rebellion by traditionalists mad about losing their feudal privileges -saw the outside as dangerous -It’s called the Mutiny by the British, “The Great Rebellion” or “The Mutiny”,        -living under harsh conditions *Colonies became important for political and diplomatic reasons, rather than economic ones* -Wives directed their household servants with the same confident authoritarianism that characterized British political rule in India.

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