elex nasty location

I did her companion quests, but she won't join me.

Wolf told me that a crazy Outlaw named Eli is detained awaiting Suggestion. Location. What a way to live. IIRC, you have to winish Williams quest to start Nastys companion questline.

Spike is a guard at the Gate of the Fort in Tavar. This is a list of Elex missions.Click on the title of the mission to get more information about it. How strictly these Laws are interpreted varies from person to person. Connor won't deal with me, but if I bring him half a dozen pieces of raw meat, he will pay me for them. Cindy gave me the coordinates of a thief's hiding spot. He wants me to bring him something to drink from the tavern. The Berserker Warlord has ordered Duras to find the person responsible for murdering the Warrior Askor. She doesn't seem to live in Goliet anymore, she's moved to an island to the south. Sardoz needs them gone so he and the Separatists can get the Elex they need.

the Fort. See here. If I want Cormag's trust I should put an end to Eldur's harassment of the Eisen Clan. It makes him angry. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. I should find him later.

the Fort. As Sten is dead I will have to go to Goliet to find a mechanic who can repair the elevator. There are some Alb raiders in the area. I know how to get into the Ice Palace.

Drog needs someone to knock some sense into him. Doc had his stash of chems stolen and is offering a reward for their return. I have to resolve it. I only have Caja the Berserker from the start Falk Ray and the drone. (He was for me because of the choices that I made). I have the coordinates for his unit. Biters are threatening a hunter. Unfortunately all the quests that she would have liked I did before I met her, so I'm stuck at the respect level. Location. Hartmut is hoping that the Duke will release Frank if the ransom money offered is high enough.

A hard battle awaits. The chems have the letters DOC on the side. Always have to smile when he makes an objectively true but badly timed comment in emotional situations. Elex Developed by Piranha Bytes, creators of the award winning Gothic series, Elex is an action role-playing open world game for PC and consoles and is set in a brand new, post-apocalyptic, science-fantasy universe where magic meets mechs. Ragnar wants me to check on some remote Berserker outposts he has lost contact with. Iron Madison is a real tyrant. | Terms of service This is a sign for friendly or neutral NPCs. The Hybrid has opened my mind to the future. Either way, she can be recruited only after completing Ulbricht's quest (which can be quite annoying if you aren't at least level 20+ due to the many battles involved and bad AI behavior of allies). I quite like how Falk is ever so slightly wrong when he explains the structures of the old world. All rights reserved. The elevator that accesses the Valley of the Damned doesn't seem to be working. The Outlaw Ray is being tracked by bounty hunters. Cutter has a plan to avoid having to stand guard at the Fort gate. Emmet can't survive if they keep taking this much from him. If I want to continue climbing the ranks of Outlaws in Tavar, I will have to make sure that all of the District Overseers agree. Zardom, sent me to the Pilgrim, Thorald. But, if I find the Albs...I might have to fight them. How to unlock the quest: Talk to Nasty in The Fort. You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. Something told me that it was that rotten pig Erol. Each Warlord will give me tasks I must complete to be considered for promotion. Anna needs their AI chips brought to her as soon as possible so she can discover what is wrong with them.

I should collect all missing pieces of the map and put them together.

Hagen and Balder have information on how to do this.

Bullet asked me to convince William to send him reinforcements. There are some Alb raiders in the area. The Laws of the Berserkers are strictly applied. When talking to her, you can be vulgar and aggressive – …

He lost it while hunting. As a Legate, it is my duty to find new recruits for the Hort. This site is not associated with and/or endorsed by the THQ Nordic / Nordic Games or Piranha Bytes. I might be able to find a cure for it in the Archives in the Hort in Ignadon. Nasty is in the Outlaw fort in Tavar.

William wants these problems Sorted out. Galar asked me to clear the old mine of reavers. She is Logan, the Duke of Tavar 's twin sister and a capable military commander. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Nasty is sitting in one of the thrones in The Fort, but she won’t even be interested in talking you first. Unless I am a complete ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ to everybody she gets angry. Gottfried said a new delivery of combat mechs is being sent to the Domed City soon.

I can't seem to figure out how to start the quest chain that lets you get her as a companion.
+1 I think I like her :3 Same dude #6. And if they are prepared to go to those lengths then they won't stop until I am dead. Mad Bob's scrap delivery is overdue. Now I must decide Duras' fate. I now have a share in Karsten's chem smuggling. He also needs Cleric armor as a disguise to get out of the camp undetected. The U3 drone at the crash site should have what I need to repair U4. She wants me to find a way to prove her innocence so she can return to Goliet. You need to speak to Nasty to finish that quest line, you start with (all the albs are dead) or what ever. Might come in useful at some point. Judicator Reinhold is in charge of running the Hort. He seems pretty defenseless. Nasty is in the Outlaw fort in Tavar. Falk has found all the components he requires and needs to return to deliver them immediately. I know about the ulbrichs big offensive thing, but I can't even talk to nasty. The capital city of the Clerics in Ignadon. Angrim's people from the Eisen Clan were supposed to help her, but they have stopped making deliveries for some reason. Until then, I won't be able to trade in Goliet. ELEX > General Discussions > Topic Details. Outlaws. I received a strange key. Something about a bigger challenge. Mad Bob wants me to find out why his scrap deliveries are overdue. I don't know what it opens. If I can get him to cooperate with me, Thorald might know how to get me close enough to the Hybrid to get the answers I want. I have completed all of Williams quests, up to the point where he only asks if I want to become an Outlaw, and Nasty still won't talk to me. I have to reach one of the Free People's settlements so I can get weapons, equipment and take stock for what I should do next. I will see if the price is worth it. Try to protect her; don’t loose her too soon. Hailing from the barren wastelands in Magalan, this ragtag group of fighters are known for barely … Yeah I haven't joined a faction yet. And yes, that works as a euphemism. I found a dead old man in the Ice Desert of Xacor. Ace blames me for his brother's death. Some quests activate automatically, some need to talk to an NPC or raise / use an item. He wants me to meet his supplier outside the Hort to collect them for him. Harley should have a progress report on the raider repairs. Sten is the guard to the Great Elevator into Edan's Valley of the Damned. And you can find an Alb guy to come with you on the road from Goliet to dome city. There's probably someone in Goliet who would want to know about this.
Guess I have to stop putzing around exploring and start on the main quests, cause I'm getting me some Nasty.

You will have to complete a few quests for the Outlaws. He has the coordinates for a drone that could provide the AI module he needs for this plan. For some time now there have been a few creatures lurking around Geron's camp. Oct 29, 2017 @ 11:56am Found Way To Have Two Companions I have Caja as my companion and found a quest with the Outlaws where you have to get a u5 drone. Before you enter The Fort, talk with Ray in Sandy Pines, West Tavar. He has found a new customer who pays a lot better. I should have a look around the central city of the Berserkers, Goliet. Elex is a Piranha Bytes sci-fi fantasy CRPG and the spiritual successor to the Gothic and risen: Risengames. Emmet told me the Clerics took almost all of his crops. She wants me to go with her to a set of Elex deposits so that she can learn more about it. He will not rest until one of us is dead.

The Ice Palace. Frank thinks that Cindy might be helpful in getting rid of her. You will get 2000XP and Nasty will permanently join the the team. I should get it back for him. You will have to complete a few quests for the Outlaws. Begin Ulbrichts quest by talking to him at the Hort: After you accept the quest, you first need to talk to the different key people across factions, with Logan ultimately giving the hint to go to Nasty. Ragnar gave me one last chance to clear my name. Caja has become a very loyal companion. caja is the best one i think because she has a great long range (my arrows + her firething) and a great sword which has a dot on it im not sure but i think the perk which makes companions better gave her a lot of strenght but im not really sure if it is because of that or something else. Iron Madison is a real tyrant.

Berserkers are adept with magic, so if you plan on u… She is not allowed in there anymore herself so wants me to get it for her. Reavers are luring people to a trap at the beacon. I found a journal written by 'Katta'. Map of The Outlaws Fort in Tavar for Elex. Arx is planning a way to show his appreciation. You can go back to Nasty in The Fort; you can offer her to become the leader if you’ve already begun the Ulbricht’s Big Offensive quest. I've done all the outlaw quests I … Not sure, but she has to call you or something like that, then you have to do a bunch of suicidal creep kill missions for her. Chloe isn't paying her tribute to the Duke. Once you have completed the offensive AND shut down the Elex thingy (I forgot the name). Ragnar knows that I have broken the Law. William Wants me to fight in his place in the Arena. She needs my help to do this.

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