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Food diversification is a critical issue in many Asian countries due to a heavy dependence on rice as a primary food source, highlighting an urgent need to provide populations with access to a more balanced diet to prevent malnutrition. <> Rapid population growth, inflation, black market profiteering and mismanagement of government-owned stockpiles resulted in extreme food shortages. In the availability index Australia ranked 21st, just ahead of Israel, Poland and Mexico and well below the Netherlands, New Zealand, Canada or the United States. endobj The Global Food Security Index ranks 105 countries according to their access to affordable, available and quality food. The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) compiles extensive country-based research and statistics on a broad range of economic and policy areas. not to “panic” as there was “plenty of food to go around”, “[has] the most secure food security in the world”, ABC Radio National’s Afternoon Briefing program, food that is safe to eat, nutritious and affordable, the executive director of the Australian Farm Institute, ranked Australia 12th out of 113 countries, Max Roser of Oxford University and Hannah Ritchie of the University of Edinburgh, detailed analysis and production forecasts, forecast for 2019-20 global rice production, traded rice volumes in 2020 are likely to be about 5% below last year, planned to recommence rice exports fully this month, global supplies of rice (and wheat) are “at record levels and are large enough to meet global demand”, Australian consumers demand (on average) 297,000 tonnes a year, Production for 2019 was estimated to be 54,000 tonnes, criticised the ABARES food security report as “misleading”, Local rice producers and growers of irrigated crops have called on the state and federal governments, ABC News, Afternoon Briefing with Patricia Karvelas, May 11, 2020, ABC News, Scott Morrison says panic buying driven by coronavirus lockdown fears is ‘ridiculous’ and ‘unAustralian’, March 18, 2020, Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Research Economics and Sciences (ABARES), Agricultural commodities and trade data, 2019 – Rural commodities – rice, ABARES, Analysis of Australia’s food security and the COVID-19 pandemic, ABARES, Australian crop report, No. G�P�� ̰ ��Db�?�M�t6P�9C)��g���J��s2�T�d��tױVe�v���0=�A��b[T�'�u��Ѷ��ߺ������~����Ո�[��д�VG*��Y�T�P�T�;}U;���/�%�|Y����X��qiw�+r���K�-Mߓ�o���aLS�2P+����m���ȭ�� The GFSI now includes an adjustment factor on natural resources and resilience. The United States was considered the most food secure, followed by Denmark, Norway, France and the Netherlands. This is a wider concept that takes into account issues about who controls the primary sources of food and its associated distribution systems: ownership structures, economic power bases and the policies that underpin a nation’s food supply chain. We look forward to seeing you bright and early with your need-to-know talking points and tidbits for the day ahead. Gartner Report: How Resilient is Your Manufacturing Network After COVID-19. Several years of drought in eastern Australia’s prime rice-growing regions have severely affected domestic production, due to a lack of water and high prices for traded water. On the quality and safety of its food, Australia came in at number 20, behind the Scandinavian countries and most western European nations. This category assesses a country’s exposure to the impacts of a changing climate; its susceptibility to natural resource risks; and how the country is adapting to these risks. Published by Future Directions International Pty Ltd. Suite 5, 202 Hampden Road, Nedlands WA 6009, Australia. The FAO considers food security — or rather, insecurity — in terms of the proportion of a nation’s population that does not have access to safe, nutritious and affordable food. 44 (11), 859-862, Littleproud, D., Minister for Agriculture, Drought and Emergency Management: Transcript, Interview with Tom Connell Sky News, 30/03/20, Mackay, F., Haines, B. and Dunn, M., Measuring and Understanding Food Insecurity in Australia: A Systematic Review, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2019 Feb; 16(3), 476, National Farmers’ Federation, COVID-19 Campaign, 2020, Pasour, E.C., The World Food Crisis, Foundation for Economic Education, 01/12. The global food security Index is a useful tool in determining where there is need for improvement and in identifying new approaches to food security. The country’s success was attributed to factors including low agricultural import tariffs, presence of quality food safety nets and high expenditure on agricultural R&D. It said the security of Australia’s rice supplies remained in question due to the combined effects of drought and constraints on exports by some countries. What you need to know about e-commerce in food and grocery, Peaking inside the pod: A deep look inside Peapod's grocery delivery business, How to Catch the Attention of Grocery Buyers. Our production capacity of food is very high, but we are using water that is available and producing almonds for export, for example, rather than milk for consumption or rice. 1975, Reidy, S., India’s wheat, rice production continue to reach record highs,, April 9, 2020, Reuters, Vietnam trade ministry proposes fully resuming rice exports from May, April 4, 2020, Ricegrowers’ Association of Australia, All About Rice – Factsheet, Ricegrowers’ Association of Australia, ABARES give false comfort on COVID-19 risks to local and international rice supplies, April 17, 2020, Rosier, K. Food insecurity in Australia: What is it, who experiences it and how can child and family services support families experiencing it?, Australian Institute of Family Studies, August 2011, Roser, M. and Ritchie, H., Severe Food Insecurity, Our World in Data, 2018, Singapore Food Agency, Singapore tops 2019 Global Food Security Index, Food for Thought, February 2, 2020, Srivastava, S., Labor Woes in India Rice-Growing Region May Push Farmers to Cotton, Bloomberg, April 23, 2020, The Economist Intelligence Unit, Global Food Security Index, December 2019, UN FAO, An Introduction to the Basic Concepts of Food Security, 2008, UN FAO, Rome Declaration on World Food Security, 1996, UN FAO, 2019 The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World – Safeguarding Against Economic Slowdowns and Downturns, 2019, UN FAO, World Food Summit, 13-17 November 1996, Rome, Italy, US Department of Agriculture, Grain: World Market and Trade – Record Corn, Wheat and Rice Crops Build Stocks in 2020/21, May 2020, Zaki, R.H., 1974 famine in Bangladesh: Economic context and myths,, June 18, 2013,,, Asia Pacific scored highly for food affordability, with the majority of countries experiencing significant improvements in their scores compared to 2018 – most notably, in the Philippines, Laos and Thailand. endobj Did hydroxychloroquine contribute to Australia’s low COVID-19 death rate? He suggested the real bottleneck during the COVID-19 crisis had been in the retail chain. The crisis led to a global summit in Rome in 1974 where delegates to the World Food Conference set a highly ambitious goal of eradicating hunger everywhere. 2) Availability; and “That is not because we do not have the production capacity to do it. “Calls to divert water or other inputs to the production of crops such as rice would only create additional costs for other agricultural producers or to the environment, while doing nothing to increase the supply in the short run since the growing season for rice has past [sic],” ABARES researchers said. The global food security Index is a useful tool in determining where there is need for improvement and in identifying new approaches to food security. The average overall GHS Index score is 40.2 out of a possible 100. The free newsletter covering the top industry headlines, By signing up to receive our newsletter, you agree to our, How Planterra is bringing JBS into the plant-based space, Nestlé moves to keep rights to sell California Pizza Kitchen's frozen line, Kind launches into energy bars with campaign against Clif, Bacardi to use 100% biodegradable plastic bottles by 2023, Inside Molson Coors' marketing playbook for navigating chaos in 2020 and beyond, Formulation Advances in Plant-Based Foods With High Consumer Demand, Shedding Light on What Shapes the Organic and Fair Trade Coffee Market, Egglife Foods Announces National Distribution Partnership with Sprouts Farmers Market, Food Union Innovates New Fall and Winter Ice Cream Products, Deli meats listeria outbreak: One dead from infection liked to meats, Food company Oscar Mayer to possibly close Somerset factories. A take-home message is that this shock to the food system provides a time for all food actors [the people along the supply chain] to reflect on the impact of the coronavirus on their role.”. Global concerns about food security were heightened in the early 1970s after drought, storms and floods ravaged developing nations in eastern Africa and heavily-populated Bangladesh. “When you consider the availability of irrigated-water area, the amount of arable land … we are a very secure nation in terms of food. In turn, about 11% by value (not volume) of food and beverages consumed in Australia comes from overseas. “We’re a nation of 25 million people,” Littleproud told ABC Radio National’s Afternoon Briefing program on May 11. State and federal government ministers have said repeatedly that buying huge volumes of food and groceries is unnecessary, with Prime Minister Scott Morrison labelling panic buying “ridiculous” and “not sensible”. In Bangladesh and Cambodia, the availability of vitamin A is more than three-times below the recommended daily intake for men and less than half for women; whilst an iron-deficient diet in South Asia has led to high rates of anemia, contributing to a third of all anemia-related maternal deaths globally. It argued that another “extremely small” Australian rice crop was likely unless more water was “made available at cheaper prices between now and the 2020 rice-planting window in October”. Food sovereignty incorporates cultural preferences about what kinds of food are produced, how they are farmed and what goes into their production. 5 0 obj Get Crikey FREE to your inbox every weekday morning with the Crikey Worm. The first is whether a nation has sufficient sources of food — whether locally produced or imported — to sustain its people. 40.2. Sustainability. 193, February 2020, Banger, M. No need to stockpile amid virus: Vic govt, AAP, March 4, 2020, Gordillo, G. and Jerónimo, O.M., Food Security and Sovereignty – Base Document for Discussion, UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, 2013, Greenville, J., McGilvray, H., Cao, L.Y. Source: The Economist Intelligence Unit Completing the top are Ireland (85.5), United Kingdom (85), United States (85), and Netherlands. An abiding duty of governments is to ensure that their citizens are protected and safe, a concept that includes having sufficient food to sustain the population’s daily needs.

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