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VR Platform(s): PSVR. The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct and Overkill’s The Walking Dead failed to impress and offered generic zombie action. Choose one of two routes to see what horrors await in this sprawling manor and try to make it to the end. - credits: Samsung ha lanciato una promozione che permette di risparmiare fino al 45% acquistando una serie…, Tantissimi capi di abbigliamento a tema Marvel in super offerta su Zavvi. A proprietary Scare Randomizer means you’ll never know what’s coming from one playthrough to the next, and each scare will have you questioning whether you want to move forward. Affected: The Manor isn’t a game, per se, and more like an interactive haunted attraction. Walk to the end and what do you see? Fans of Rick Grimes are going to appreciate this one! 6079 in The Greenwater Institute, where you will be thoroughly tested as you try to uncover what put you in there. Sometimes, a loud noise or a sudden flash of light is all it takes.

VR Platform(s): Vive, Oculus, PSVR. HorrorCon VR aims to create an authentic convention feel from the comfort and safety of your home in an interactive VR World experience. Using a mix of eerie lighting and ambient sounds, Capcom doesn’t have to rely on jump scares to make players uneasy. Set 60 years before the events of Until Dawn, The Inpatient puts players in control of an amnesiac patient trapped in the Blackwood Sanatorium. Desidero iscrivermi alla newsletter via e-mail. One of the great things about the horror genre, is that you don’t need a lot of visuals to pull it off well. Will Ilja Dragunov Dethrone WALTER for the NXT UK Championship? A pumpkin…with some spiders in it. In questo modo gli utenti possono scegliere liberamente tra diversi fornitori di ID4me e possono anche cambiare il fornitore in qualsiasi momento. Whether you’re on the Vive or have gotten yourself an Oculus, you should be able to take this one for a spin today. L'ultimo titolo della saga fornisce una delle esperienze VR più orribili dei nostri tempi. You're a paranormal investigator and you find yourself exploring what appears to be a old abandoned manor. They go together so perfectly that you have to wonder why every new horror title doesn’t come with VR compatibility. Awake at the bottom of the deep seas in a dark and gloomy underwater lab, and discover the frightening fact that you’re not alone here. Un bel gioco a cui dedicare brevi sessioni ma abbastanza variabile da mantenere alta la vostra tensione. Il titolo ci cala nei panni di Tim, un giovane uomo che, … With an event like that taking place, your objective is to do what any thinking person would do: try to survive here. Environments are inspired by Until Dawn and feature many familiar elements along your twisted journey. Organ Quarter is a first-person horror, exploration, survival, and puzzle game. Available on: Oculus Store, Google Play, Viveport, Steam. It’s the cornerstone of every great horror game. Blogging about VR and helping Envato grow their affiliate program. Volete approcciarvi alla realtà virtuale con un visore solido? Compatible with: Samsung GearVR Note: Emily Want to Play Too will likely be coming for virtual reality, sometime in 2019. Compatible with: PlayStation VR The game brings together the paranoid vibes we like to associate with a masterfully crafted horror film, mixed with an almost Donny Darko-like psychological atmosphere. VR Horror provides a free stunning survival horror and mystery experience! Not every spirit is willing to go quietly. Dead Hungry is a first-person cooking game where your main objective is to feed hungry zombie people.

KOBOLD is more VR Experience than an actual game, but thanks to its cinematic realism, free movement and thrilling storyline, it had to have a mention on today’s list. if ( localStorage.getItem(skinItemId ) ) { Se anche voi siete appassionati del macabro, e volete sfruttare il vostro visore per la realtà virtuale, ecco una classifica con i titoli più interessanti da giocare per spaventarvi! ID4me farà in modo che le abitudini di navigazione rimangano segrete. Saints & Sinners made zombies scary again while still capturing the desperation of mankind in such a grueling and hopeless scenario. Per questo, in vista dei mesi più bui dell'anno, abbiamo messo insieme una lista di giochi e applicazioni horror da vivere in Realtà Virtuale. Gamezeen is a Zeen theme demo site. The whole top horror apps without controller requirement is playable just with your smartphone or optional in 3D Cardboard Virtual Reality! It is arguably one of the most anticipated VR-horror games of 2019, so watch this space. Players control each of the three family members as they try to piece back together their troubled familial unit. Virtual reality is the cheese to the horror macaroni. Arizona Sunshine is an FPS zombie game that drops you into a desert town that’s been overrun. Raymond and his family find out first-hand in Transference, an immersive psychological thriller. Compatible with: PlayStation VR Watch out for fire and other weaponized demons. Available on: Steam, Playstation Store Oculus Store. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Perché non vedere per quanto tempo riuscite a trattenere il respiro? Arizona Sunshine is relentless with its waves of shamblers, but putting them down doesn’t get old. Un puzzle game economico (costa solo 1 euro) con un concetto che fa veramente paura. Play as Ethan Winters as he looks for his missing wife and has to solve puzzles, fight, and live despite the crazy bloodthirsty Baker family. } catch(e) {}. There are a few ghost hunter simulators out there, but Phasmophobia takes the genre to a new level. Disturbing imagery will leave you feeling uneasy the further along you get in this story-driven title. La paura fa 90: i 10 migliori horror per realtà virtuale, Samsung Week, tante offerte esclusive solo per pochi giorni. Final note: this list contains a plethora of awesome titles, many of whom are for PlayStation VR. Each member has their own corrupted vision of one another, which leads to Transference’s darkest moments.
Developer: Total Mayhem Games

Horror Adventure VR is a interactive experience set in a procedurally generated haunted house. Exploring the sanatorium and the Blackwood Mountains is a tense experience that becomes increasingly unnerving as the truth of what’s unfolding comes to light. We will of course expand on the list as we move towards the end of the year and more titles starts surfacing. Abbigliamento Marvel in Offerta da Zavvi. Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment Definitely a worthy title on today’s list of the best VR horror games out there. Today we will take a look at some of the most impressive VR horror games currently available on the market, for you to pick up this year, if you have been living under a rock recently, or simply just acquired yourself a brand-new VR headset. Horror film fans will get a kick out of walking through the house and finding objects to weave together a larger mystery. Syren’s not a bad choice if that’s your thing! Join Cultured Vultures as we bring you some of the biggest news from the world of wrestling. P.Iva 04146420965 Unfortunately, our access to these attractions is typically limited to a 30-day stretch in Autumn. If ever you’re given the opportunity to explore a secret research base on one of Saturn’s moons, kindly decline the offer. Equipped with a lantern and a limited supply of oil, you’ll navigate the winding halls of Dreadhalls, hoping to not run into the horrors that lurk within. In the game you wake up in a hellish city in which there are no means of escape. Hot Developer: Supermassive Games In our list today, we will be showing off a little bit of everything, so whether you are the happy owner of a Samsung GearVR, a PlayStation VR or even an Oculus Rift or a Vive, you’ll find something here that will rock your socks off. _g1.setAttribute('srcset', _g1.getAttribute('data-srcset')); Dread Halls is a horror and escape experience for fans of dungeon crawling. You probably wouldn’t expect an on-rails arcade shooter to spawn from the slow-paced horror of Until Dawn, but here we are with a VR version of such a game. _g1.setAttribute('srcset', _g1.getAttribute('data-srcset')); If there’s any fans of The Last of Us or The Walking Dead out there, this is your chance to save the world from the onslaught of the undead. Monstrum mixes up some of the core elements we’d normally find in a top-selling horror franchise, mixes it up with pristine graphics, virtual reality and a hint of AI-driven enemies, hell-bent on ending your life.

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