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Hynes plays Emily, who gave birth to daughter Rosie in 2006, and is trying to cope with her family’s ‘new normal’ in present-day. Cosy, high-quality, safe, easy to use and washable, this fantastic throw is usually £79.99! And washing. “They were overwhelmed by the response when it came out, which was amazing, and very moving.”, As well as dealing with difficult subjects like depression and infidelity, series two sees Rosie starting a new school and asserting her independence, a move that provokes mixed feelings in Emily. She knows there is something different about their daughter’s development, and is petrified by the dawning realisation that her baby has a serious learning disability. She’s just getting on with it. Bafta-winning writer and actress Hynes is probably best known currently for playing “right-on” PR Siobhan in the BBC’s satirical shows Twenty Twelve and W1A. All the actors were so good, and Russell [T Davies] is so brilliant. There She Goes cast: Miley Locke stars as nine-year-old Rosie, Jessica Hynes plays Emily, David Tennant plays Simon and Edan Hayhurst plays Ben. Our best wishes for a productive day. and what the industry can do to adapt. “Oh, well. After meeting her, I knew how to move forward with it [the part].”, The show has been praised by parents of learning-disabled children for the way it finds humour in the challenging situations that Emily and Simon find themselves in. For the biggest interviews and the best TV listings subscribe to Radio Times now and never miss a copy. I’m doing it!’ And it was on such a shoestring, but I didn’t care. Already have an account with us? I’ve been getting information about how storks nest. You can unsubscribe at any time. All rights reserved. Who is Jessica Hynes, and where have I seen her before? It was just unique. There is a devastating moment in BBC4’s forthcoming comedy, There She Goes, when new mother Emily can no longer hide her despair. It should probably come as no surprise that such a prolific actor as Jessica Hynes has spent lockdown being equally prolific, albeit not in front of the camera. Thanks to There She Goes’ split narrative, we know that everything turns out OK in the end. Tennant plays Simon, father to nine-year-old Rosie. From his role as the Tenth Doctor in Doctor Who to leading roles in Broadchurch, Casanova and Jessica Jones, David Tennant is one of Britain’s most recognised actors. She shares them with husband Adam, whom she met at 18 and married when she was nearly 30, in 2002. David Tennant and Jessica Hynes play the parents of a severely disabled nine-year-old in Shaun Pye's new comedy drama, “Very few words and moments of explosive violence. In fact, for most of its runtime, the new show from Have I Got News For You writer Shaun Pye manages to spin its heartbreaking subject matter into something not just moving, but mordantly, outrageously funny. It’s gratifying to know there are so many groups who are trying to help and be there for those people. “Directing felt like an unattainable dream,” she admits, “and then when it happened, I was like, ‘Wow! Harish is a regular reader of multiple newspapers and magazines. “There have been some really weird combos,” she admits. Will it wither away in the face of such a challenge? Yet it’s also a series determined not to dress that pain, anger and disappointment up in cosy sentimentality – or couch it in a parable about the saintly self-sacrifice of motherhood. So now if I’m not making scones or doing the laundry, maybe I’ll write a script. Rather than being depressing or frightening, however, the effect is oddly consoling: it puts something concrete and matter-of-fact in the place of mysterious sacrifices and shadowy fears. Hayhurst plays Ben, Rosie’s brother. I think what I’d like to say, having done some volunteering at the beginning, is how amazing all those people are, and how amazing that we live in a country where people are giving their time. “Everything about the project stood out. Who is Edan Hayhurst, and where have I seen him before? The received wisdom that says a woman has an innate, superhuman ability to weather effortlessly whatever challenges motherhood throws at her is increasingly being exposed as ridiculous, and these kinds of shows are vital in busting such myths. Who does Miley Locke play in There She Goes? Obviously if my kids were still in the zone of [eating] fish fingers, then that would make things a lot easier, but I’m grateful that they’re happy to try my Japanese-style fish balls, and be kind about them.”. Hynes is spectacular as Emily, an academic who quickly notices that her daughter’s behaviour bears little resemblance to that of their elder son, despite the reassurances of those around her. We’re not going to repeat that. Who does David Tennant play in There She Goes? “It’s not that I don’t want to love her,” she says, standing beside her six-month-old’s cot, her face hollowed out by exhaustion and fear. There is a lot of cooking. He’s a fan of humanity and everything that means. Photograph: Colin Hunter/BBC/Merman Productions “I just don’t think I can.” Her husband offers an array of platitudes, but his wife is beyond consolation. I wasn’t sure how things would go. And Sarah is a very high-functioning, happy, well-adjusted, lovely, loving woman and mum. There She Goes stars Jessica Hynes and David Tennant as a couple raising a daughter with learning disabilities, and comes from Sharon Horgan's production company. News, photos, videos and full episode guide, Jessica Hynes on the Harvey Weinstein scandal, Good Omens on BBC Two – everything you need to know, Doctor Who: The Ghost Monument review: “a clearly told adventure, realised with pace and panache”, Jodie Whittaker hints that she wants to stay on Doctor Who for “a long time”, The best new movies and TV shows on Netflix. It was a return to theatre after an impressive run of TV that saw her play Edith Lyons in Russell T Davies’s Years and Years and Emily Yates in There She Goes, the BBC drama in which she stars – alongside David Tennant – as the mother of a learning-disabled daughter, a role for which she won a Bafta. Created by Shaun Pye. She describes the Years and Years cast as “a lovely family. “My son has taken over because I had to do this call. It was such an unusual script and it felt unlike any job I’d ever done,” says the 47-year-old. Sign in to manage your newsletter preferences. Thank God for that. Emily no longer spends her days in the throes of mental anguish, or anything remotely resembling it – and she does come to love her daughter. Meanwhile, tear-jerking comedy Mum took a long-term look at motherhood, exploring the way a life of maternal sacrifice feels from the inside. Ultimately, watching There She Goes is an uplifting experience, a drawn-out demonstration of how the pain, anger and disappointment that comes from parenthood not going to plan can eventually give way to unexpected joy. I wanted to be making my own things, but it seemed such a challenge. “It’s not going to be for ever,” she says of the social-distancing rules. One of the best”) she starred in The Fight, a film that she also wrote and directed. There She Goes – what you need to know. Hynes was appearing in Far Away at London’s Donmar Warehouse when lockdown happened – “I got my things from my dressing room, bought some doughnuts for front-of-house and took my daughter and niece to the Ivy for one last cheese and marmite parmentier,” she recalls. However, her breakout role came in 1999 when she co-wrote and starred in cult comedy Spaced. There She Goes will begin on BBC4 on Tuesday 16th October, Get a Beurer electric heated throw for just £49.99. To play Siobhan was a liberation almost, a coming of age.”, Jessica Hynes won a Bafta in 2019 for her role in There She Goes (GETTY), As any Years and Years fan will attest, Hynes is equally gifted at playing serious roles, bringing a depth of character to every part. Hynes had no hesitation about taking the role.

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