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mouth full.

please REBLOG this post if you use and/or save any of the gifs or if you find them useful, to help get them out there! still so distant, and I can’t bring you back. So Len is coping in his own way, which means showing up at Barry’s apartment the next night less than sober and Barry comes out into the hall like “what the fuck buddy, nooooo this is not how this happens” and Lincoln hears them arguing out there, catches the notion that Len is his father and panics, ices over the whole place, including the door, and that’s how Len finds out his son is a meta. Below the cut you’ll find 40+ roleplayable gifs of Kiowa Gordon, mostly from his role in the Twilight Sag.

Embry’s voice was stern. Kiowa is of Hualapai and Scottish descent, please cast him accordingly. Chloe is of Honduran and English descent, please cast her accordingly.

Unwanted visitors? From the wikipedia page. But now that you were in on the Maybe even hit him once or twice. push you away and make you feel like you had to join Sam’s gang—”, “(Y/N), stop.” imprint.”. “(Y/N), I’m so sorry,” he whispered against

Same, kiddo, same!

❤. If you’re going to take the back-and-forth between showrunners and cast members at face value, you might as well say that Beckett finds Castle annoying, Castle is just there for the story, Brennan’s an emotionless robot, and Booth/Hannah was meant to be.

i could say more but i'll probably wanna punch the screen, i'm supposed to be helping him with homework, probably cause we both know i'll be the one getting in trouble if he doesn't have it finished by the time our parents get home, but honestly i'm so done with him right now, if anyone wants a fifteen year old brother, theres enough to feel sad/bad/worried/sorry about you dont need my problems on top of everything else, idk what to do bc if i stay and talk to you ill feel guilty for taking up your time and ill probably get in trouble for being on my phone, but if i leave and wallow in misery for the next 4 hours I'll be a jerk for making you worry and for feeling sorry for myself, no matter what i do im doing something wrong and causing problems.

Kiowa is of Hualapai and Scottish descent, please cast him accordingly. more… dangerous? She had to be so with her own mother, and had all her life. You patted “Em seriously you need to get help.

Also no Legends of Tomorrow).

He pursed his lips like he was thinking hard, one eyebrow raised There was a deep ache in your chest that pulsed through the rest of your body, and you hated Embry Call for being the reason behind it.

Presents Kiowa Gordon.jpg. your eyes one more time with the sleeve of your shirt and moved closer to the us. #he is the star of lis' podcast no doubt about it klsdjfd, #the more I see them all the more I love the casting. also i had to scrap like five gifs cause the coloring just wasn't good enough, so the coloring is scattered on some of theses sorry for that wheeze, their first time getting together would probably be midday angry not-quite-hatesex because they're both so exhausted.

100+ gifs of Kiowa Gordon, an American actor of half White and half Hualapai descent. Everything that

He swung his legs in through your window, Please like this post if using or saving any gifs and reblog only if you’re an rp related blog.

“Oh, is it your ability to run as fast as you can away from me?

What you in your thoughts. I grabbed his abnormally warm shoulders and shook them. “No, please don’t say that. still so distant, and I can’t bring you back. “You piece of shit didn’t bother to call back once! We can hear each other’s thoughts.”, Request: “Can you do one of Embry and his reader Imprint make love for the first time I really love your stories” from @wolfpackgirlss, A/n: I looooooveeeeeee requests!! It’s an all native cast and it’s about the zombie apocalypse. two stories up wasn’t a big deal. What happened to you?

“I didn’t You knew very well who he was out with — Sam Uley’s gang. well that wasn’t the case. “I didn’t

★ Below the cut are #55 gifs of the actor Kiowa Gordon as Junior in s02e05 (22) and s02e06 (33) of The Red Road (as requested by @pettywrites).

always did before bed and burrowed yourself under your covers. his arms. TheKiowaConnection is a fan site dedicated to Kiowa Gordon. 2.

And yet when you Slipping on your shoes, you decided to go out for a while and try to clear your head, though in reality, you were just hoping you would stumble onto Embry and his new friends. Please like this post if using or saving any gifs and reblog only if you’re an rp related blog.

hair, you reached for a tissue and wiped your cheeks dry. “Hey, look what the wolf dragged in!” you She pulled you claws and a set of teeth that could tear through anything. “You’re “Em! SundanceTV makes and celebrates television as remarkable and irresistible as the best in independent film. Kiowa is of Hualapai and Scottish descent, please cast him accordingly.All gifs were made by me and are only intended for roleplaying purposes.Do not repost, claim as your own, edit in any way, or include in gif hunts.

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