lanayru mining facility boss

Make your way up the ramps until you reach another moving platform area. That’s right, another version of the boss from the Lanayru Mining Facility! You’ll pass two more Beamos before  you reach the south end of the room. Just like before, these ones have crystal switches behind them, but don’t do anything to them just yet. If you hit it directly northward, it will blow up the boulders that are in your way. These slow moving spiky balls aren’t much harm to you in this form, but if they come in contact with almost anything, they’ll send out a rather large explosion. This is Lanayru Mining Facility.In ancient times, this was a hubof highly advanced technology.The ancient machinery is now broken and rusted. Note, if you look at the ground, you will see a circular radius where each armos was located. This doesn’t change the closed gate, but an Armos will appear. Bellows equipped, move the platform all the way to the northern section of the room. There’s nothing to do in this room, so head back to the southern door. Move while you are blowing the platform to send it across the entire rail. However, they are quite harmless, and can be defeated with your sword. You’ll encounter some Thunder Keese in this area of the room. Enemies:Aracha, Thunder Keese, Froak, Beamos When you’ve reached the end of the railway, strike the Timeshift Stone twice – once  to deactivate it, and a second time to reactivate it, so that the cart goes backwards. In the next clearing, collect Rupees with your Beetle, then whack the crystal in the middle of the area. When you’re ready, arrange the Ancient Circuit and fit it into the lock. You’ll find a mine cart in this spot that’s covered in dirt, so go ahead and clean it off with your Gust Bellows. Four more of these statues lie in the sandpit to the east. which will shoot missles at you. Drop back down and go back to the room we were just in. a gigantic scorpion-like creature – arises from the sand. If you need recovery hearts, there are some in the nearby barrels. After defeating Moldarach, Fi will say there isn’t much reason to stay here. The Timeshift Stone won’t create platforms for you to walk on this time, so you’ll have to jump onto the railway platform and use the Gust Bellows to follow it. There are two more bomb statues here, so let’s knock them down. Ignore the defunct robots for now. A few Thunder Keese will appear in this area. Jump northward two ledges and defeat the froak with a sword slash. This doesn’t change the closed gate, but an, Armos will appear. You can pick up a red rupee from a treasure chest at the northwest corner of the room if you’d like. If Moldarach grabs you, you will have to shake the Wiimote to escape his grasp. Jump onto the platform and use the gust bellows to move across to the other side of the room. Once you are ready for the boss battle, place the Ancient Circuit into the lock. We’ll be using this in just a bit. From the cart you just escorted, turn left and run across to find another minecart to dust off using the gust bellows. Approach the Boss Door and insert the Ancient Circuit. A second beamos will spawn on the rail itself, so you’ll have to get rid of this one so that cart can pass. The dungeon is based around a sand/time theme, as well as an underlying high-tech theme. ArachaArmosBeamosChuChu (Yellow)Electro SpumeFroakSentrobeStaldraThunder Keese, Goddess's HarpAccess to the Temple of Time. There are Staldra in this room, one on each side. He will start jumping at you again, so just repeat the process until you’ve defeated it. You can deflect the missiles with a shield bash, which will send the missiles back towards the machine. There are a number of froak and arachas in this room. When Moldarach has been defeated, the sand will drain out of the room. Behind one on the north side is a hole leading to a room with a Red Rupee Chest. Collect the Heart Container, and then leave the room. Slash at this crystal to break it. Moldarach is the boss located in the Lanayru Mining Facility, and it is also faced later in the Shipyard in the Lanayru Sand Sea. The dungeon is based around only a few rooms, with the boss door located only a few rooms away from the entrance. To defeat Moldarach, Link The statue on the wall has a vessel that a bomb fits perfectly into. In between the conveyor belts to the west is a rare, useful Treasure, the Ancient Flower. Key Item: Gust Bellows. Head over to the northeast corner of the room and then get onto the railway platform. There are Thunder Keese here so take care of them before turning right to the two  Bomb statues. Head over to the platform on the right and blow the dust off the next mine cart. Leave this room and take a left turn, then jump down below and defeat the Beamos. This page was last edited on June 29, 2020, at 00:29. You’ll have to fight a good amount of Arachas and Froak in this room. Use the gust bellows to clean off the steel box and then push it along the sand to the west. Unfortunately there is a wooden block that is preventing you from climbing. There is a treasure chest nearby, but a gate is cutting us off from it. Use the Gust Bellows  to blow the dirt off the nearby box and then push it onto the switch. Defeat the beamos and you’ll find another pinwheel in the corner. If you look at the ground, you’ll see that there is a circle surrounding the Armos. When you’ve gotten it close enough to you, jump onto it. There’s a lot of dust along the west side of the wall, so clear it out with the Gust Bellows. When you’re ready, arrange the Ancient Circuit and fit it into the lock. Repeat the same process of spinning its top and break a second crystal (using a thrust attack), defeating the Armos in the process. Jump on over and head to the west end of the room. Use the beetle to grab it and then drop it on the wooden boxes just ahead. Turn to the left and use the beetle to hit the timeshift stone that is located near the ceiling. You’ll have to walk against its set direction, otherwise you’ll end up being pushed in the other direction. When you’ve reached the area where the door opened, get off and head to the east room. Jump over to it and open it to receive a Blue Bird Feather. The Timeshift Stones found outside are central to this dungeon. Once you arrive in the room, Link will walk around, but will feel the rumbling of something in the sand. Once you are ready for the boss battle, place the Ancient Circuit into the lock. Jump onto the newly-activated mine cart and ride it to the other side of the room. Remove the dust from the nearby box and push it onto the floor switch. See also: Lanayru Mine (Video Walkthrough). There is a higher platform at the end of the room but we can’t reach it yet, so let’s equip the Gust Bellows to clear the sand from the metal box. Head through the eastern door that opened to get back to the large main room of the mining facility. Afterwards, go back down the ladder and run past the moving platform. Equip your Beetle and use it to activate the Timeshift Stone that’s near the ceiling. If Moldarach does grab you, just shake the Wiimote to escape. This page was last edited on June 29, 2020, at 00:29. You can now. There’s a treasure chest nearby that has a red rupee in it, so go collect that. Push the steel block over; this will allow you to use the staircase if you fall. Exit through the door and you’ll find a mine cart here. There are two more staldra in this room, so defeat them as soon as you enter. Run across the moving platform again, and climb up the stairs to your left. Defeat them when they are not charged up. corner of the room. Activate the timeshift stone to bring life to this area. Larger versions of the Yellow Chuchu will swallow Bombs, detonating shortly afterwards., The Lanayru Mining Facility appears to be a refinery for the. It has been known to obtain some of the most rare collectables such as a Blue Bird Feather, a Goddess Plume, or a Golden Skull. Jump over and climb up the next ladder. This is Lanayru Mining Facility.In ancient times, this was a hubof highly advanced technology.The ancient machinery is now broken and rusted. If you need recovery hearts, there are some in the nearby barrels. Jump over to the nearby platform.

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