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You can also use fast-falling neutral air attack as a “meaty” attack against an edge climb to set up a potential edge slip. Use Link's unique powers. Link has the upper hand when he is fighting against slow opponents that are limited to fewer aerial options, as he is most dangerous when he is given a lot of space. This attack deals 1 damage on bomb throw, and 7 on bomb detonation. This attack deals 14 damage, where Link performs a pirouette with his Master Sword extended and clearing out opponents around him. Ultimate Guides. Even his once-signature green tunic takes a back seat in Smash Ultimate. If Link is at 0% damage, this side smash will unleash a sword beam projectile. 7 Characters That Deserve to Be Smash Ultimate DLC, Smash Ultimate Character List – Complete Fighter Roster, Smash Ultimate Pokemon List – All Poke Ball and Master Ball Pokemon, I Choose To Believe Everything Sakurai Says is Confirmation of Waluigi, Steve From Minecraft is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Newest Fighter, New Smash Bros. Despite the visual upgrade, you know Link’s original Tunic of the Wild skin will be available in Smash Ultimate. All of them are detailed below. All of our Smash Ultimate guides created with the help of Eric Van Allen. He then delivers an upward slash that knocks the opponent away. Below we have listed all the attacks that are specific and special to Link. Link comes with a lot of options when we talk about attacks in the game. Leaks indicate that the original Super Smash Bros. Boomerang is also making a return, replacing the previous Gale Boomerang which summoned tornadoes. In this Super Smash Bros. This attack deals 15 damage where Link performs his Thrust Attack. While the attack remains active for a significant duration, connecting with the first few active frames rewards you with extra damage. You can only hit one fighter, but the explosion also launches nearby opponents. It’s been a while, but Super Smash Bros. is back — this time on Nintendo’s hybrid handheld console, the Switch. Off of a deep jumping attack against grounded foes, you’re generally safe from reprisal attacks. However, you have to be careful to land on the stage, as it makes Link fall into a free fall state where you can’t perform a platform or ledge special. Down special again detonates it. Boomerang (Side + B) – Throws a boomerang diagonally. By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies. In addition, this guide will also give you a better understanding of his moves, for if you find yourself fighting against Link. He can't seem to quit games as a service or looter shooters — unfortunate news for his backlog, really. However, the shorter distance of the normal version means less time for the Boomerang to make its return trip, as well as less time for Link to retrieve his Boomerang for use again. Learn to read distances and tells, and use spacing to your advantage. Bow and Arrows (B) – Shoots an arrow —two at once if one is picked up off the ground. Link has been redesigned to match his appearance in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. If you miss, you can pick up arrows that embed themselves into the level’s geometry. Learn more at. This concludes our Super Smash Bros. This is a very versatile physical attach Link has, where it is an excellent air to air poke and fast falling attack. This section of the guide contains all the grounded attacks that Link can perform while on the stage. When airborne, spin attack is a different move. Thanks to its rear hit effect, this attack is primarily used to clear out multiple enemies and to punish ground rolls and air dodges. There’s so much that no one person could possibly keep track of everything. As such, it’s important to be able to execute jump, full-velocity up airs. That’s right! Ultimate Characters Guide, Super Smash Bros. We will highlight all the moves that are specific to Link, plus his defending moves, special moves and his final smash. 3-minute read. Link’s up air attack has slightly less lag than it used to, making it less punishing to use if you whiff it, and opening up more possibilities for up air confirms. Down Smash: 19.5 % (26.8 %) Crouching downward, Link swings his sword to his left and right, one swing after the other. Link has 4 special moves. You can Unlock Link from playing VS. Matches, Classic Mode and World of Light Game Modes In Super Smash Bros Ultimate. For his up throw, Link tosses the enemy into the air before connecting a hopping up-slash, leaving them vulnerable to additional follow-up attacks. Of course, how well you actually handle Link in combat is up to you. That’s not even including the glut of DLC fighters, assist trophies, and more. And 9.6 when flicked. The biggest addition is the ability to remotely detonate his bombs, giving him new combo potential while eliminating the ability to own himself by holding that down-B too long. It’s not safe on shield, making it less optimal as a poking move. While this attack can be highly risky if missed or dodged, it is still a decent option for retaliating against your aggressors. Link has also swapped to the Traveler’s Bow. However, Link is Strong Against Ganondorf, King K. Rool, and Incineroar. Longtime fans will immediately recognize some of the character’s most obvious changes. This attack deals 13 damage, where Link produces a heavy wide arc overhead attack with his sword that slams in the ground and slices opponents in a large area in front of him. His Bomb move has been replaced by Remote Bomb. This attack deals 11 damage, where Link delivers back to front slash above him with his sword, controlling a significant portion of airspace around his head. How Spirits Work and the types of powerups you can equip. In this attack, Link throws his Boomerang either straight ahead, angled upward or angled down. Next are the Front and Back Throw which deal 5.5 damage each. In the end, we will finish off with what his final smash looks like and what it does to your foe.

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