proton x70 interior

There is an ample amount of space for people at the front as well as at the back.

Some of the other interesting interior features are -, Did you know that the Proton X70 has received a perfect 5-star ASEAN NCAP safety rating? Still, there’s no doubt the brand association did help the X70’s image and sales. Copyright © Zigwheels 2014-2020. Dude hafriz.. Who was the fella claimed “wait for a suprise”.. Weirdly enough, the cover layout visually suggests the use of a longitudinally-mounted engine instead of a transverse motor, even though the car obviously adopts the latter. Check out the pricing in China!

The suspension hard points, the springs, even the steering characteristics, remain as before. Interior design need replace with bouye Pro design too outdated, X70 CKD Pricing is REASONABLE.

Comment, below. Will people pay an extra RM56,192 for a faster speed of 0.7 seconds? i agree to hate the choice of chrome logo on the steering..the 1st thing to be mod or covered entirely for future buyer. October 2020 Proton X70 Promotion. What has been updated is the engine cover, which now sports a new design and “Proton GPower” letterings. Refinement much gooder then Honda CR-V by a mile, and superior even then Mazda CX-5 by a pinch. The X70’s Volvo connection is no longer through association alone; the 2020 version now uses the exact same transmission as the Swedish premium brand, which is a Volvo/Geely-developed seven-speed wet dual-clutch transmission (7DCT). UPDATE: The percentage of improvement should actually be 2.6%, given that the CBU X70 had a claimed 7.8 litres per 100 km, or 12.8 km/l FC. Topkek logic. As mentioned above, this is a true blue Proton-Volvo tech sharing, being the exact same design as used in various Volvo models (though none are available in Malaysia as of yet). Plus, you can now rightly say you’re getting a piece of Volvo in your Proton. Tax Holiday RM 6,700.00; 5 years Warranty; 5 times Free Service; 5 years Free Internet Package (1GB / month) Loan. And we must say that for a first, Proton did a really good job. Among the advantages of registering is once a name has been registered, a guest cannot post using that name. You can also activate it through the much lauded “Hi Proton” voice commands, but again, I myself see this novel feature as a marketing gimmick, and not something you’d actually use on a daily basis. Moving inside, the expected digital video recorder a.k.a. His highlight was the fake body-coloured exhausts on pondana.

It’s finished in bright chrome, standing in stark contrast against the predominantly black and satin silver cabin. I strongly suggest you all read the FINE PRINTs (clause 1.2 onward) on: It is hard to have a car journalist to write a better review and driving experience post than you, as a true CBU X70 user. We’re merely weeks away from the official launch of the Proton X70, which is scheduled to arrive next month in CBU form. Otherwise, nobody will buy a Volvo. Checkout the latest Proton X70 2020 images, the X70 2020 car has 17 Interior and 13 exterior Images.

Speaking to those in the know, I believe them. It is developed by volvo for geely. If it is the pro, the price is a bargain! The Proton X70 genuine accessories come with a six-month warranty and does not affect the car’s factory warranty. Unfortunately, the 2020 X70 has not been given the full Proton ride and handling treatment, with just some fine-tuning work done to the dampers and not much else. Do you know why companies like VW and Ford failed big time in Malaysia? You get fabric, leatherette, and Nappa leather upholstery depending on the variant. PANDU UJI: Proton X70 CKD 2020 – dengan kotak gear DCT 7-kelajuan baru, penawarannya kini yang terbaik? A full second quicker is a significant change, no matter how you look at it. It’s designed to have a product life time of 350,000 km, which is 46% longer than the industry standard of 240,000 km (used by most European and American carmakers). 2020 Proton … Latest JPJ formula - calculate how much your vehicle's road tax will cost. These two items are also practical, and are bound to be popular picks. More experienced automotive journalists would take the flaws from these cars with a pinch of salt and come back again with their same PoV on showroom cars if these still persist.

Home » Car Reviews » Official Proton X70 accessories for exterior and cabin. The X70’s 7DCT, however, shows complete polar opposite characteristics. When rosak time, you will pay nothing less than RM60k to repair a DCT. Also, it is 2020. Obtain an up-to-date valuation for your vehicle using Car Market Value Guide. What’s new and what has been left unchanged? Combined with the quicker shifting gearbox the SUV has shaved 1 second off its 0-100km/h time, allowing it to accomplish the century sprint in 9.5 seconds. Compared to the a’la carte price of RM4,171 and RM4,371, the package savings are RM421 and RM471, respectively. A little bit of that Proton Design magic here would have been much appreciated. Proton’s existing child seat can also be factored in for RM799. Safety & Security . The cabin of the SUV also maintains a focus on technology, creating a modern ambience to appeal to young-at-heart, tech-savvy customers. Tesla Model Y Performance: How Does It Fare In 11 Inches Of Snow? This car will also fail even without the corona virus especially it’s built by mat rempits from uitm and mara that never work hard and also minum teh 8x and goyang kaki which ended up asking for bailouts from government. Find out if you can afford your dream car using our user friendly car loan calculator. In the mean time, the automaker’s first ever SUV is being paraded across the country as part of a private viewing campaign, but not everyone is as fortunate to see it in the metal just yet. Most dual-clutch transmissions, even the best of them, have a rather distinct behaviour: rough coming off from a stop, and ultra smooth beyond that with lightning-quick, near-imperceptible gear shifts. It comes as a standard feature across all the Proton X70 variants. © Driven Technologies Sdn Bhd All Right Reserved.

Speaking to those in the know, I believe them. « Production Volkswagen I.D.

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