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Help people considering your employer. Worst experience in my working life, over worked under paid when the company has work they expect you to work day and night when things get slow they make you stay home and go broke. A typical retail job you have your good days and your bad. Boss was good and team was good.

If you are looking for a career this is not the place especially if you have a family to feed. Request Entitlement; Legal Hold Search; Help. Sales Associate-Home Appliances (Manchester), Cashier/Softlines Associate (Seasonal, Part-Time) Manchester, Cashier/Sales Associate-Home Improvement (Orlando), Cashier Associate (Seasonal, Part-Time) Chicago Ridge, Cashier/Softlines Associate (Seasonal, Part-Time) Ft Lauderdale. The job was stressful and they added on to the stress with all the rules and etc. The training wasn't much but you'll pretty much get the hang of it. While I saw no path for growth and most mangers were underpaid and bitter, the associates made it tolerable. How did you get your first interview at Sears? Free lunches during the holiday, store discount, benefits. Not worth it. What roles at Sears can work from home during the COVID-19 outbreak? Is Sears hiring new workers during the COVID-19 outbreak? Enjoyed the training and working with others. The money you save now will grow over time - ready for you at retirement, 401(k) Savings Plan Information and Notices, Notices to Interested Parties - Transformco Savings Plan. Management is rarely on the same page. The manager cut my hours then decided to terminate me for a mechanical issue that sears had to pay for because they did not do the work I paid for correctly. This company is not really proactive in work life and family life! Average work environment. Get weekly updates, new jobs, and reviews. Worked here in college and it was good for the moment.

Work was super easy, only stressful around holidays for obvious reasons. Applications. Do you only get paid by the hour, by commission, or both. Not worth the headache.

The company has changed so much over the past 10 used to be a great place to work. Cashier (Former Employee) - Virginia - October 8, 2020 Sears is a great company to work for and recommended it I worked there for a short period of time as a cashier, but it was good experience overall. After you click on the link, it will open in a new tab so that you can continue to see the guide and follow the troubleshooting steps if … Really boring, Must deal with difficult customers and returns at some points which can be aggravating. Login. And management needs a lot of work. Started at the beginning of the end essentially. The pay is ok but I was there 4 years and never got a raise. Transformco Savings Plan Information and Notices, The Transformco Savings Plan is a tool to help you build savings for retirement and other long-term financial goals through convenient, tax advantaged payroll deductions. Sometimes on the busy days fri,say,sun it would be one worker in each department. What is the most stressful part about working at Sears? Step 1 – Go to the 88sears Former Employee Login official login page via our official link below. No stability you wonder day to day when they are going to close the doors, hire incompetent employess an managers if you achive your goals manager are told to lower your scores and reviews so they will not have to give you a raise , Managers are pretty cool but store manager always had a problem with everything. Some of the managers talk to you like you're a child and not an adult. Sometimes it was difficult getting the nerchandise for our consumers. All they think about is selling warranties. Account Options. pay was not very good for what was expexted of you ,work schedule was good for employees still attending school or are thinking about going back to school, Well my experience at Sears was okay , had some rude managers when I was working there but other then that you get good hours and the pay was well so I can't complain. Not much opportunity to advance and make a lot of money from within the company. In general, all associates (except seasonal, temporary and on-call associates and interns) are eligible to participate in the Savings Plan. I'm glad I quit. The most useful review selected by Indeed. Benefits Information. Management Long hours low pay not family oriented! What is the work environment and culture like at Sears? Overall a good job.

Low pay but there was an employee discount offered and other benefits for full time employees. Present employees, former employees can visit the get several advantages. Decent job before the bankruptcy of sears . Sears is a great company to work for and recommended it I worked there for a short period of time as a cashier, but it was good experience overall. What is the interview process like at Sears? Probably a good second job that won't stress you or interfere with your main job. SHO Launchpad User Guide; Inspired to Learn Help Guide 401(k) Savings Plan Information and Notices MyHR Home Page (88Sears) > 401(k) Savings Plan Information and Notices. Our community is ready to answer. If you have any issues, please follow our troubleshooting guide below. We come I'm as technicians and they add more unnecessary stress on the techs to sell warranties or get on a ppi(write up). If you are a current employee of Sentara or one of our member hospitals, access our internal sites below: WaveNet Employee Portal; MDoffice Physician Portal

Easy. Women rate the female-friendliness of their workplaces on. good commission if in the right department. Fun. Seriously only one person to clean a whole department it was terrible but I loved the people I worked with.

pretty standard job clock in do your work then leave. Not really a family orientated company! Unloaded trucks and stocked merchandise for the floor. If you like the same old routine in your work day, this position is it. Sears88 Employee Login Portal Features. They were very understanding about my availability. Good discount and access to sales. I worked at memorial city mall it’s no room for advancement. The managers were flexible and the work easy. By proceeding to the site, SHO employees acknowledge that with the exception of the SHC IT Security Policy, SHC policies do NOT apply to SHO employees, and that SHO, not SHC, is their employer. Pays not good at all. Ask a question about working or interviewing at Sears. My pay and benefits at Sears are the pay was average and I got store discounts. Their main goals are their numbers and meeting them daily. Was great when I was trying to balance with school and just float. Pay and the overall environment is not good at all. 2021 Annual Benefits Enrollment For Coronavirus (COVID19) Information, and updates please log in to MPI. Check below for the benefits of the Sears88 … Sign In; Forgot Password? *SHC is granting SHO employees access to this SHC proprietary site for the sole purpose of accessing certain information SHC has agreed to provide to SHO. Now the remaining stores are basically on borrowed time. Transformco Savings Plan Information and Notices. . Little growth opportunity on the retail level. They pay biweekly and 45min lunch so I guess it was pretty good. * It was nice to able to work during the holiday. Mostly because my hours were seldom going to exceed 20 hours and I had full weekend availability.

Would not recommend, Asistant Manager/jewelry Dept/customer service.

Sears Holdings login portal for employees is Sears88. Fast paced environment just hardly no hours. Our customers were fine until you came across some that wanted to argue with you for simply doing your job. Share your experience. It's never too late to start preparing for the future by saving money. How has Sears responded to the COVID-19 outbreak?

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