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The main tourist attraction sites include the Incaic architecture, Valley of the Moon, and the Altiplano lakes. Sewell Mining Town is an uninhabited mining town in the slopes f Andes Mountain. Reconstruction of damaged sites and restoration of old cities are some of the initiatives that are being undertaken to ensure the existence of the sites. In 1960, the company had expanded with more than 15,000 workers. This is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Chile and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In 1929 during the great depression, this economic model practically collapsed because of synthesis of ammonia by Germans. https://everything-everywhere.com/2008/12/12/daily-travel-photo-easter-island-chile/, © 2006-2020 Everything Everywhere Travel Media LLC, Historic Quarter of the Seaport City of Valparaiso (2003), Humberstone and Santa Laura Saltpeter Works (2005). It is a unitary presidential republic with a population of 18,006,407 people. In addition, it served as a major stopover for ships traveling through the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

Sewel’s origin dates back in 1905 when William Branden, an American Engineer, was authorized by the Chilean government to exploit a copper mine in the area.

These stones were believed to be creations of the early Rapa Nui people who lived on the island during 300 AD. UNESCO in 2006, inscribed it as a cultural site. #visualartist #polyglot #lonelyplanetpathfinder Both these works, now named La Palma, grew very quickly and bought towns that had lovely buildings in the English style. This former mining town in Chile, which is now uninhabited, is located along the slopes of the Andes Mountains. In 2005, UNESCO declared the site a world heritage site and due to the vulnerability of the structures and the effects of a recent earthquake, they was put on the list of world heritage sites in danger.
The park is geographically isolated and occupies an area of 6,800 hectares. James Thomas founded the Peru Nitrate company in the same year. In 1990, a policy to protect the site was implemented. This is an important architectural phenomenon in the Americas, not just in Chile. The site is also a showcase of the social struggles and cry for social justice among these workers. In the period between 1837 and 1864, the statues were toppled although with minimal damage and were later restored with international assistance. UNESCO inscribed the sites as world heritage sites in 200. Several institutions including the University of Chile have led efforts to preserve these historic structures and to publicize them for their unique qualities.

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