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Always having to worry about equipment condition is cool for your first VERY immersive and extremely realistic playthrough of a game where you’re a mutant that slays creatures from beyond the veil and hangs out with elves and dwarves, but on our PC sightseeing journey, it’s nice to have little things like weapon and armor maintenance handled for you. He's back once again to reveal the lucky winners of a Nintendo Switch Lite and 5x $50 Steam Gift Cards in the monthly prize draw - exclusive to Nexus Mods users. The wide open world of the Witcher is huge, after all, but it’s even better if you can see miles of it at once.

When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. If you're feeling particularly vicious, modder KNGR also made a version that combines this with his popular More Blood mod.

First of all, could you please tell us a bit about yourself? There isn't much to tell really. Quick facts about Vortex: In this feature, we're chatting with Kingo64, the creator of the most popular mod for Blade & Sorcery - The Outer Rim. Eventually it all starts to feel like work, right? Ok, so if you’re still reading this, but you’re not a super-experienced PC modder-type person, you might be thinking, how in the hell do I even do any of this? All of the Witcher mods live on Nexus, and the Nexus Mod Manager is the single best way to wrangle all the competing and conflicting changes that mods might be bringing to your game.

If you do see a specific load order, the NMM is where you go to make that change.

It has been a while since I've posted on Nexus Mods and I feel privileged to be invited back to tell you about a project of mine. Look at me! They are constantly updating and patching their games for years after they release. Did you know that there’s a “mod limit”? Most importantly, new key bindings will have Geralt raise or lower his hood, depending on the weather and your mood.

Water, water, too much water! Just like the Gwent Dealer mod, this mod turns a humble innkeeper into the world’s greatest Witcher quartermaster.

This mod comes with a whole range of options from a little boost to a huge, miles-long vista view. ... We're now into the fourth month of the We The Players prize draw exclusively for Nexus Mods users, so it's time for TokenGeek to announce the lucky winner of the Nintendo Switch Lite and 5x $50 Steam Gift Cards from September. Just like the More Shadows mod, except exactly not like that.

This mod automatically picks up all the area loot for Geralt, regardless of whether he's just been battling rotfiends or digging through drawers in Oxenfurt. The process will take about 15 minutes, but basically the merger will combine your compatible mods into a single customized bundle just for you. Here’s the trouble with this game in particular: CD Projekt Red are just about the most consumer-friendly developers in the world.

Visit our corporate site. Skyblivion is a name that most modders of Skyrim or Oblivion may have heard at one time or another over the last 9 years.

Gameplay tweaks, graphical options, and other tools for enhancing your game.

Absolute Camera doesn't just change the camera distance and angle but gives you over a dozen completely customizable options for camera placement during Geralt's many activities. The best Witcher 3 mods include texture overhauls, quality of life boosts like auto looting, and the superhuman ability to frolic through shallow water. BigBizkit: To start this off, let me ask you, wiggolp, about your mod adding a completely new quest to the game - Ciri’s Sole Memento.

But it sure does look nice. Considering the low quality of the mods being uploaded, the polarising views they express and the fact that a small but vocal contingent of our users are seemingly not intelligent or grown up enough to be able to debate the issues wit... We are currently performing essential maintenance on the notifications system of the website, as a result, you may notice that all of your notifications prior to 12:00 pm GMT(+1) today are no longer showing in the notifications drop-down menu or the notifications page.

A HoS-ready version of the Music Overhaul Project.

“There is not enough blood in the Witcher 3”, then this mod is for you.

In June we announced our partnership with We The Players run by our good friend and former Nexus Mods staff member - TokenGeek (Paul). You can also increase the amount of XP gained, but I found 1.5x to be the sweet spot for tearing through the story without necessarily being godlike straight away. Need a few more weapons and armor options? Copyright © 2020 Robin Scott. Thank you for allowing me to join you, I'm very excited to be here and to answer your wonderful questions.

Hey everyone, thanks again for another successful month of top-notch reviews, collections and screenshots.

Sick of rummaging through corpses after every battle? With 9000-carry weight, it’s all about efficiency. Unhappy with the camera placement while you're running, fighting, riding, or swimming? Most NPC vampires, being the unnatural creatures that they are, cast no shadows even though they walk in the sun! But after hours and hours of digging in Geralt's bags and applying them, even the most dedicated roleplayer among us would be hard-pressed to deny it gets tedious. Just do it. This mod also seems to auto-loot objects with multiple items to save you the extra step of clicking “take all”.
You brew up Specter oil for the first time and make sure you’re stocked up on Moon dust, you meditate, and you sharpen your silver sword.

TokenGeek: Yet another excellent month for reviews with a further 213 written game reviews submitted by the Nexus Mods community, over a thousand ratings and users hav... Today we are talking to iRetrospect - seasoned modder and author of the special effects overhauls Arctic and Inferno, as well as the Movement Behavior Overhaul for Skyrim Special Edition. You will receive a verification email shortly. In this instalment of our Mod Author Interview series, we're talking to JohnnyJohnnyBS about his modding projects for Blade & Sorcery, including the exciting new multiplayer mod.

Mods that expedite your journey, clean up your UI and make Dandelion shut the hell up. Requires the Debug Console Enabler.

Smooth, supple grass, as far as the eye can see. Rocks, trees, crates, roofs, walls, waterfalls, furs, and floors have all been overhauled with increased resolutions and brightness. While The Witcher 3 has a great combat, it can get repetitive after hundreds of hours of gameplay -like every game- and… If you think The Witcher 3 is busted and needs a total overhaul from the roots, head to the Enhanced Edition. Instead of twirling around between enemies like a demented pinball with a sword, Geralt’s acrobatic attacks just go wherever you point him.

But what if it was more like a Tarantino film? Many thanks to all participants - we truly hope you had fun with the quiz.

This patch was abandoned before 1.31, but if you still want to use it you have two options: this unofficial patch or this updated remix uploaded by another modder.

There are several E3 2014 mods that change this or that to more closely resemble how Witcher 3 looked when it was demoed at that happier, simpler time.

Yeah! Mods to lighten or weigh down your load, rebalance loot and make your gear look cooler than ever. As of posting, the Henry Cavill mod is still very new, but the author has plans to continue adding additional Cavill versions of Geralt in the future.

It’s a small change with big effects.

It’s a fact that looking cool is the single highest priority in a singleplayer RPG, and Geralt absolutely looks cool as hell wrapped in a thick wool cloak. Why canter when you can gallop, is what I always say? BigBizkit: To start this off, let me ask you, wiggolp, about your mod adding a completely new quest to the game - Ciri’s Sole Memento. Vortex... May is over and the Morrowind May Modathon 2020 celebrating the 18th anniversary of all-time classic TES III: Morrowind is coming to an end. Ugly gear. - wiggolp and Damastor, We're looking for a Mid-level Front End Developer.

In my spar... With our site and community growing, we are once again looking for new talent to recruit to the Nexus Mods team. We've written about this one in more detail: it’s a complete reimagining of The Witcher's combat systems. Sometimes, a Witcher just needs to take a damn minute, you know? You still get all the potion refilling benefits of vanilla meditation, but you don’t have to look at a boring ol’ menu. Put your party hats on - it’s time to celebrate! In the video above you can get a look at just how flexible the new camera tools are.

To celebrate reaching 1,000 games on Nexus Mods, we’re giving away awesome prizes in our 1,000 Games Milestone Quiz.

This mod takes care of that, and can even be further manipulated to give even more resources than the base mod does. Over the last few weeks, we've introduced new features, improved existing functionality and squashed a whole load of pesky bugs.

So you downloaded it on PC, and you start playing it on max settings and holy s#!t is it ever, like, 1000x better looking than you remembered.  I’m looking for hyper-realistic grass, baybee!

I love Gwent, and as a completionist, I like to collect every Gwent card in the game.

You can also find a dealer with tons of cards at the Bloody Baron’s fort with this companion Gwent Card Dealer mod, if you’d prefer to play it straight(ish). This mod alone will make you feel like you are playing an entirely new game, and is almost worth the duplicate purchase of the game all on it’s own. In this Mod Author feature, we're catching up with TelShadow who may well hold the record for most mods created for Morrowind. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY.

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The Witcher 3's UI can feel a bit cluttered, but turning parts of it off can make the game overly difficult.

On the one hand, this is minor cosmetic change that doesn’t matter at all. As above, be careful with this one. That’s what I did, at least, and let me tell you: it was worth it. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is one of the best PC RPGs of all time, so the thought of modding it sometimes feels like garnishing a kingly steak with ketchup (and not even Heinz). My name is Alex, I’m a full-time software developer and a fairly recognisable member of the Blade & Sorcery Discord server.... Last month we announced our partnership with We The Players and their exciting prize draw exclusively for Nexus Mods users. This handy tool lets you transform Geralt and Roach at the touch of a button, adding cloaks, new haircuts and changing the appearance of armor that you can combine to create presets that you can switch to instantly. Menacing! Even (almost) two decades after its release Morrowind truly is one of those games with its own, unique charm. To start out can you tell our readers a little about yourself?

The water is plenty realistic. This mod adds every map icon to the map all the time, including nearby merchants and any quest objective for any quest in your journal. There’s no new art or anything to look at, though, so we’re just using a random picture of Geralt as the picture for this one.

Looking for a more lush and colorful look?

Sometimes you need a certain amount of Lurker droppings or Leshen bits, and they aren’t manifesting as frequently as you’d like. Witcher 3’s fast travel system tries to make a bit …

If spending time and money repairing your gear is getting tedious, Indestructible Items pulls the entire weapon degradation system out of the game. But in this case, you may have to go through a few extra steps in order to make these mods work.

Weight limits are great for immersion the first, maybe even second time you’d played through a sprawling RPG like The Witcher 3.

Let's start as we always do, please tell us about yourself for those in the community who don't know you yet. What do you think, are there some mods you love that aren’t on this list? Rename this file, replacing “en” with the two-letter code for your language. You guessed it, Vegeta.

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