wurundjeri history

Their relationship with the land extends back tens of thousands of years to when their creator spirit ‘Bunjil’ formed their people, the land and all living things. Once the water of the Yarra was locked in the mountains. The Wurundjeri People take their name from their Woiwurrung language word ‘wurun’ meaning the Manna Gum (Eucalyptus viminalis) which is common along ‘Birrarung’ (Yarra River), and ‘djeri‘, the grub which is found in or near the tree.

Mo-yarra, slow-and-fast-running, was the headman of the Woiwurong. This was in contrast with the Wothowurungs and the Bunurongs, whose hunting ground was the lovely flat which is now Port Phillip Bay.

This great expanse of water was called Moorool, or Great Water.

Local Aboriginal history; Wurundjeri Willum People Before European settlement, the Aboriginal people of the Wurundjeri willum clan lived on the land that now forms the City of Whittlesea and the northern suburbs of Melbourne.

The Wurundjeri-willam people of the Kulin Nation are the Traditional Owners of the land that is now known as the City of Yarra.

It was so large that the Woiwurong had little hunting ground.

The earliest European settlers came across a park-like landscape extending inland from Melbourne, consisting of large areas of grassy plains to the north and southwest, with little forest cover, something thought to be testimony of indigenous sheet burning practices to expose the massive number of yam daisies(murnong) which proliferated in the area.

He decided to free the country of the water.

Seasonal changes in the weather, availability of foods and ot…

Wurundjeri are the ‘Witchetty Grub People’ and our Ancestors have lived on this land for millennia. These murnong roots and various tuber lilies formed a major source of starch and carbohydrates. So he cut a channel through the hills, in a southerly direction, and reached …

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