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The importance of team building

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Helping your team stay happy!

For example, these benefits may include helping your team stay happy, work better together and improving company culture. Once every month as a team we go out socially together, have a meal and watch a movie.

Recently as a team we went to TGI Friday and then the cinema to watch Space Jam – A new legacy (ironically all about teams).

Team building has a lot of organisational benefits; however, this blog will concentrate on how team building can be a powerful way to boost company culture.

When you devote resources to team building, you show what kind of company environment you want to create for your team. By doing fun activities together, you show your team that you value who they are and want to cultivate positive relationships within your organization. This is a major benefit of team building because establishing a company culture that values these connections draws in great talent and increases employee retention.

The movie itself was all about how diverse individuals came together and won a tournament despite all odds. It showed resilience, focus and determination.

This now leads me to my Monday motivational quote – “alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” So, let’s keep inspiring and collaborating with one another. We all need that now more than ever.

How do you boost company culture in your organisations?



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