domestic enemies meaning

Yes, there is ultimate truth. (John Adams, via Quoty; emphasis added). Yes, Bill, we are a house divided — we’re a pluralistic society and we interpret the Constitution differently — even among Latter-day Saints, we may interpret differently — but the Constitution and the constitutional framework hold us together, all Americans of all persuasions. By all means, carry on. How, then, can so many people swear to defend the Constitution from its enemies, yet remain unaware as to who such enemies are and how they are to defend the Constitution from them? And if John Inman reads this… I was always taught that being offended for being called a woman is sexist. Our Constitution is alive and well. I was just tagging along. The Supreme Court is constantly voting 5-4 on ANYTHING and is rarely involved in judicial review anymore. None of that has happened yet . All you’ve done is spouted off some pedestrian quotes and ridiculed. I don’t know who will be leading the free world in the coming decades, but I know we’ve already allowed them to take it from America. The president was elected through the electoral college. Having a reasonable discussion and demonstrating how one’s belief conflicts with the Constitution does not inherently imply unkindness. Bill, your mother sounds like a very wise woman. An enemy, simply defined, is someone who opposes or undermines your efforts. Nowhere does it claim that the constitution was made by a mormon god for mormon people. in ignoring the highest law of the land in favor of the passage of laws that continually erode our liberties. I agree with the notion that not all the people in Washington are “enemies of the Constitution”. This set us down the path of Tyranny. It’s no longer monopoly, it’s “who can grab money the fastest.”. If no one but you argues the supremacy clause and the other over 300 million don’t have the sense or dedication to reading and learning that part of our great document, your rights still can’t be touched. What will you sacrifice to re-establish the principals this nation was founded upon? Did you see any counter to evidence with evidence? The USA deals separately with regard to our Article 1, section 8, cl. We are the establishers ( according to the preambles, nation and state. Hurrah for the United States of America! But I’m getting ahead of myself. That not keeping it as LAWFULLY required means that those people no longer meet the lawful requirements and can be immediately removed. That’s probably one reason so many shy away from fulfilling their oath to defend the Constitution from domestic enemies. Indeed, it is interesting to note that the individuals frequently reminding us of our foreign enemies’ identity are among those who might be labeled as domestic enemies of the Constitution. More importantly they also learn about the principals of judicial review. The Bill of Rights sets limits on the federal government, making clear it has NO power to infringe on rights we already naturally possess, or to limit traditionally held privileges, such as trial by jury (not legally). Now, if you’ll read Carissa’s no. We need an antidote. …and you think our republic is wholly and fundamentally a failure…. After all this, I still choose hope and confidence in our Constitution and our great Republic, and I caution against teaching others, including our youth, that our great Republic has failed and that other citizens with differing approaches to constitutional interpretation and application (even those very close to us) are enemies of the Constitution. This is exactly what Feinstein, Obama, Bloomberg, etc plan to use to fo “confiscate” weapons – a felony. After the exchange between the Supreme Court against the Roosevelt and Congress over the New Deal, the Supreme Court lost the power to do anything about the economy–even if it was unconstitutional. This gives presidents the ability to make law thru executive orders, the only way for this power to end will be for a president to end the state of emergency we are still in, none have, perhaps FDR would have. Wow, this has been a fun thread. I’d rather attack your arguments. You can say YES to all of these and still find an incorrect answer. Maybe, but only because I live in a battlground state. Some might laugh and scoff, but for me, it really goes back to the Primary song…. Interpretation is not the key. One thing is clear, the United States of America is not now and never has been a “democracy” in the sense that has been used on this thread (although in broad terms our country and any other country in the world that broadly follows in our constitutional footsteps is loosely considered a “democracy” in a general sense because the people elect their leaders and to differentiate these types of governments in a broad category as contrasted with dictatorship) because we elect representatives to legislate on our behalf. But it has proved that the power of declaring what the law is, ad libitum, by sapping and mining slyly and without alarm the foundations of the Constitution, can do what open force would not dare to attempt.” What does she actually mean by this and what would happen if a senior Republican member of Congress would have said her exact same words to President Obama and his Democratic supporters in Congress? Since I have no prophetic insight into the matter, this is just a guess by a hacker based on the limited information I have access to. Our money then was made of gold and silver and the paper represented gold or silver, powerful forces have changed those and more, they made people believe worthless paper is better than gold, guns and the people that own them are bad and anyone using tobacco or drugs is a societal pariah. Fourth Amendment – “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”, There are two government limitations stated in this amendment. a) Most have never read it. But in the political realm, I’m a big advocate of education and debate in order to point out to people the “incorrectness of their traditions”, inasmuch as I know them. Seriously, I can’t help but see an “all is well in Zion” attitude in your remarks. The US Constitution does. No one is fear mongering. But the message from the “grey haired men” assured that it will be a temporary situation.

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