21st century art styles

Instead of looking for the next big Art Movements art in itself needs to refine what it is and that not everyone painting today is an artist. And are there significant number of buyers for these works for profit given that the charity efforts have basically saturated the market in the name of good. Values Of Art, I don’t think it’s true that there aren’t any art movements today. Are we ready for that?
Most of the contemporary plein air work that I’ve seen is awful to mediocre. What type of art will children born today be influenced by as they grow older? Just because a thing is a trend, doesn’t mean it’s good. Artists who wish to prosper will need to focus more on works that can be reproduced. 6:53 pm, November 10, 2006, It is society and their choices that are driving the arts today, or not. A number of these styles were reactions to modernism; others sought to incorporate ideas from visual art and philosophy. I have learned so much about the different artistic styles that evolved throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. This way there is less chance of propaganda, truth, and rebellion to happen through visual artistry. The idea of a group of artists working together and sharing ideas, and their ideas taking hold and exploding into the culture and or subculture. The Theorist Manifesto is ready for review, and all comments are welcome…www.theorism.info. I am a slow painter and I will often use photos to reference while I'm painting so I remember the right shape or color.

Anybody working in a different vein finds that they are ignored by the mass public (not bloggy enough) and ignored by the art establishment (not enough meaning).

If anything it has enhanced it. I don’t want to make a blanket condemnation of consevativism (much less traditional techniques).

A arstic force of nature, a true virtisuo. However, trend or no trend, I suspect people will go on producing work which is unsuited to reproducibility and low prices. I am not sure but I know that Integral Theory (or post-post-modernism as it is sometimes called) is being embraced by many discpilines as new a way of understanding and acting thoughtfully and sustainably in the world. “The movements of today offer modest innovations, not radical ones. My first foray into Post-Conceptual art – reading about Belle Twigg, Aura .T. Only after many years is it reasonable to call it a movement. Now if I splatter a bunch of paint on a canvas, is that brilliant or generic. I wouldn’t say that.

Following the modernist style that dominated the 20th century, many architectural styles emerged around the turn of the 21st century. As to what the trends might be over the next few years, I’ll make some guesses. Greaser Look Girl, So perhaps as it infiltrates consciousness of ordinary people, it will also become reflected in what artists do. Or note it and do your own thing anyway,,,,,,which is what I think you are saying.

Methinks the action has moved decisively into virtuality. “Everything, all the time.”. St Louis Ambush Internship, While “hip hop” “rock n roll”, etc, continue to flourish, I am not going for that “carrot”. The King Of The Mountain Driver, Rex, I do agree with your evaluation of the trends. And I think the reason for that is fairly simple. Or just look rich quick).
we are all following old trends or movements, and trying to perform equally or better than what has been done in the past.

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