curses library

The following functions help you accomplish this: The function field_index() returns the index of the given field in the given form's field array (the array passed to new_form() or set_form_fields()). cursor motion that would land the cursor on a trailing blank goes to the

bs are horch.

There are a few new/modified configure options: helps work around a filename conflict with Debian packages versus test-packages. Each terminal type is distinct, though many are similar. The basis of curses programming is the window data structure. The first argument must be a window object; the remaining Nevertheless, UNIX still supports tty lines and X supports xterm(1); the curses API has the advantage of (a) back-portability to character-cell terminals, and (b) simplicity.

O_INPUT_FIELD extension to form library allows a dynamic field to shrink if the new limit is smaller than the current field size. followed by a single doupdate(). Use getmaxyx() on the stdscr context instead.

doing this. Allow for Cygwin's newlib when checking for the _DEFAULT_SOURCE symbol. containing window, with coordinates (0, 0). the underlying application used in Slackware's setup, and the basis for similar install/configure applications on many systems.

It includes the following System V curses features: Also, this package makes use of the insert and delete line and character features of terminals so equipped, and determines how to optimally use these features with no help from the programmer. imply a call to move before the call to the other routine. method should be call to retrieve the queued mouse event, represented as a It is redundant (but harmless) for the programmer to do these includes, too.

It is used in environments such as Cygwin and MinGW.

sequences at runtime. If the type of your field is ordered, and has associated functions for getting the next and previous values of the type from a given value, there are requests that can fetch that value into the field buffer: Of the built-in field types, only TYPE_ENUM has built-in successor and predecessor functions. switch to Pointer tab.

ncurses now defines a limit for wgetnstr, wgetn_wstr when length is negative or “too large”.

KEY_F3, KEY_F4) available, and the arrow keys mapped to fills in overlooked descriptions of features which were described in the NEWS file but treated sketchily in manual pages. possibly including a decimal point. You should off, curses can sometimes speed up vertical motion a little; also, it will be

More general versions of these routines are included with

Details on the panels functions are available in the man pages. In Initialize curses and call another callable object, func, which should be the

Return True if the terminal has insert- and delete-character capabilities. The forms driver provides hooks (through input-validation and field-termination functions) with which your application code can check that the input taken by the driver matched what was expected. The ncurses library is intended to be base-level conformant with the XSI Curses standard from X/Open.

Some (for example, the O_STATIC bit) involve sufficient complications to be covered in sections of their own later on. Most of the

window. curses is a standard part of most UNIX-like systems, including Linux, but has also been ported to Windows and other systems. See curs_pad(3X) for more information.

Initialize the library. The deck has an implicit bottom-to-top visibility order.

standard place. Like erase(), but also cause the whole window to be repainted upon next ncurses provides these SVr4 add-on libraries (not part of X/Open Curses): the panels library, supporting a stack of windows with backing store.

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