difference between may and might

If he doesn’t want the ice cream in the fridge, give him a kiwi.”, Very interesting, but I have found solution on http://lingohelp.com/english/may-might. They might have arrived by now. No child will say: ‘Might I go to the toilet?’, unless he hails from a pompous English family, as to children simple things attract first, and thus a child will always choose to use ‘may’ instead of ‘might’; even though “might I go to the toilet’ is also grammatically correct, but practically incorrect, so to say. On the other hand, might is used when there is a little possibility of the happening of a … Mail: 2028 E Ben White Blvd, #240-2484, Austin, TX 78741, This is a word that is becoming “old-fashioned”, which means that it’s not used as much as it was before, and even though it’s not used as much today, it still is an extremely common word in the English language. What is the difference between may and might? ), “May” expresses that something is possible, factual, or credible. May and might is another pair of very confusing English words whose usages often overlap. ... See the difference between May be and Maybe in English. Please note: comment moderation is enabled and may delay your comment. ‘May’ and ‘might’ are very similar, and can almost always be used alternatively. 3. And Might is the past tense of May in indirect speech. While may is used in a situation where something is possible to happen, but you are not sure about it. ‘May’ is also the name of a month, while ‘might’ also means strength. May and might is another pair of very confusing English words whose usages often overlap. The purpose of this post and the video is to help you understand what is the difference between May and Might! Join our live online ENGLISH training, this week only! We use may have and might have to make guesses about the past: I haven't received your letter. 1. It seems that “might” is giving an opportunity or possibility, where “may” could be giving permission. Example: ‘Might is right’. This is why Wayne Campbell of WAYNE’S WORLD fame says monkeys “might fly out” (instead of “may fly out”) of his butt when dismissing something as impossible. So, in sentences where any of these two are used, it would be prudent to use the other substitute for sake of clarity, and better verbal sound. Both can be used in place of each other in most circumstances, except at times when the sentence ‘sounds’ wrong, for example: ‘He may do it’, ‘they may do it’, ‘he might do it’, and ‘they might do it’. If you ask a native speaker about the differences, chances are they might tell you they’re the same. (“He’s in decent shape, and he may be able to finish running the marathon.”), “Might” implies that something is unlikely, hypothetical, or dubious. As students, if a native English speaker wants to use the restroom, he/she would have to ask the teacher using the word, As an adult, you have more independence, and that means you don’t have to keep using. Would, Would Have, Would Have Had | Advanced English Grammar Lesson, 3 English Vowel Sounds for Better Pronunciation, 10 American Expressions to Help You Sound …, Study Routine for English Learning in 15 …. In popular usage and speech, may and might are used interchangeably when referring to possibility and probability, but there is a slight difference between the two. Level: intermediate. None really, except, for example, if you are seated in a meeting with the top bosses and you say: ‘Might I add something?’, instead of “May I add something’, you might get looked upon with a frown. It might not rain today. The usages of may and might are similar. May is used to express what is possible, factual, or could be factual. Answer. There is no need to resubmit your comment. 2. So what is the difference between May and Might? 2. DifferenceBetween.net. May and might are both commonly used to talk about possibility: Note that many grammar books say it is better to use might when something is less likely, and may when something is more likely, but this is a flexible rule. If you found this English Grammar about May and Might interesting or useful, let others know about it: Grammar Notes. June 8, 2016 < http://www.differencebetween.net/language/difference-between-may-and-might/ >. not true that might is old-fashioned and less down to earth than may. It’s a possibility. May and Might When Expressing Possibility. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail, Written by : Manisha Kumar. ‘Might’ is considered unpractical, old-age and pompous. While Might is also a modal verb. Unfortunately, “may” in and of itself is a bit of a tricky one, as well. actually, in usage among working people in the past 50 or so years in the us, might is usually more ordinary. May vs Might in English Grammar . ‘Might’ is more suitable for prose and poetry than ‘may’. - Mahari, Sweden. • Categorized under Grammar,Language | Difference Between May and Might. It can be confusing at times when to use may and might. These sentences are all technically correct, except the second option sounds funny because ‘they’ rhymes with ‘may’. May vs Might. I am not sure but I might/may go to the party. In talking about the past, may have and might have are both common: 3. A teacher once told me that one of them is in the indicative mood while the other is in the subjunctive mood. What is the Difference Between May and Might ? (I don’t remember which is which. As you progress with your English, you will see that both of these words, Might and May, are not being used as much as before because of the other options available. For example: It’s partly cloudly; it might/may rain. 4. What is the difference between may and might? It may have got lost in the post. Below is an introduction to the most important uses of may and might. So then, what are the places where ‘might’ should be used in place of ‘may’? “Bobby may not eat his dessert. If your textbook is telling you to use this, it’s lying! Now the English language has become streamlined, with many short forms and shorter, easier replacements. Those other options are quickly becoming more common, and that means that these two words are simply not too important to know now, but it’s always good to what is the difference between May and Might. Those other options are quickly becoming more common, and that means that these two words are simply not too important to know now, but it’s always good to what is the difference between May and Might.

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