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Eastern Maar Aboriginal Corporation .

Suzanna.maxwellwright@easternmaar.com.au, EMAC CEO Family group 6: Jason Mifsud marcus.clarke@easternmaar.com.au, COMMUNITY SERVICE / CEREMONIAL BOOKINGS Family group 4: Billy McGuinness Eastern Maar Aboriginal Corporation, EMAC BOOKING FORM – CULTURAL HERITAGE SERVICES. EMAC has a board of directors of Traditional Owners and is a registered organisation under the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 . Send booking form to craig.edwards@easternmaar.com.au DOWNLOAD: EMAC BOOKING FORM – CULTURAL HERITAGE SERVICES. Specific question?

Eastern Maar Aboriginal Corporation. “Eastern Maar” is a name adopted by the people who identify as Maar, Eastern Gunditjmara, Tjap Wurrung, Peek Whurrong, Kirrae Whurrung, Kuurn Kopan Noot and/or Yarro waetch (Tooram Tribe) amongst others, who are Aboriginal people and who are: • descendants, including by adoption, of the identified ancestors;

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Eastern Maar Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC.

PO Box 546 Warrnambool Victoria 3280, EMAC EMAIL CONTACTS: Eastern Maar Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC, © Copyright 2020.

Arranging a meeting prior to fieldwork is an important step for a sponsor to ‘Working on Country’ together with Eastern Maar Aboriginal Corporation. Contact details and registration history for the Eastern Maar Aboriginal Corporation Application received. Directors have two year terms. Contact; COVID-19 UPDATE: Sadly, we are unable to provide ‘Welcome to Country’ ceremonies at this time. Second to this, we support harm minimisation providing that Eastern Maar heritage is treated and managed in a professional and respectful manner, is in accordance with the Act and the sponsor uses appropriate archaeological methodology. Working on Country together is an important and valued aspect for Eastern Maar Aboriginal Corporation to manage and protect culture.

Family group 2: Allan Miller EMAC MAILING: Further application received 15 August 2014; Eastern Maar appointed for part of its application area on 5 December 2013; Application declined on 11 October 2018, in relation to a variation of the RAP … Eastern Maar Aboriginal Corporation. Type of RNTBC: Agent. CHMP CONSULTATION PLANNING MEETINGS PRIOR TO CHMP FIELDWORK . Craig Edwards In July 2011 the Eastern Maar and Gunditjmara peoples were recognised as the native title holders for an area of their Traditional Country in south-west Victoria between the Shaw and Eumerella Rivers and from Yambuk in the south to beyond Lake Linlithgow in the north. Our land extends as far north as Ararat and encompasses the Warrnambool, Port Fairy and Great Ocean Road areas. Council decisions. EMAC GENERAL ENQUIRIES

New Address. Select a Form. A person is eligible for membership if that person is an Aboriginal person who is: (a) an Eastern Maar Person, defined as a member of the Eastern Maar Traditional Owner Group described in the definition below; and (b) at least 18 years of age. Contact number: 0481 761 990. Contact; Services Eastern Maar Country (click to see map) CULTURAL HERITAGE MANAGEMENT.

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alice.ugle@easternmaar.com.au, RAP TECHNICAL SPECIALIST (Archaeologist and Heritage Advisor) 0475 310 509, EMAC EMAC CULTURAL LANDSCAPES ENQUIRIES Samantha.fidge@easternmaar.com.au Marcus Clarke We encourage that all sponsors of Cultural Heritage Management Plans arrange a meeting with Eastern Maar Aboriginal Corporation (EMAC) directly, prior to engaging a Heritage Advisor or in conjunction with an engaged Heritage Advisor. Contact Us . The Torquay Cowrie Market and Surf Coast Arts Inc committees acknowledge the Wadawurrung and Eastern Maar people, the traditional custodians of the lands of which we meet, live, create and celebrate. A particular example of our ‘Working on Country’ philosophy and approach, is it important for a sponsor to work together where there are previously recorded Aboriginal cultural heritage places within a sponsors CHMP activity area. Ideas or comments that may improve our products or our way of doing business? Samantha Fidge (Sammy) admin@easternmaar.com.au, EMAC HERITAGE MANAGEMENT ENQUIRIES Eastern Maar Aboriginal Corporation. Contact; Members Apply for membership; Membership Criteria. • who are recognised by other members of the Eastern Maar People as members of the group. Contact; About The Eastern Maar Aboriginal Corporation The Eastern Maar are Traditional Owners of south-western Victoria. The Eastern Maar Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC (EMAC) will hold the native title rights for the Eastern Maar Peoples, whilst the previously established Gundtij Mirring Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation (GMTOAC) will hold the rights for the Gunditjmara People.

Suzanna Maxwell-Wright Family group 11: Teresa Coverdale

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