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It requires a lot of discipline and willpower to commit to the same swimming lessons day in and day out. A: As soon as possible. Hallie is now a much stronger swimmer now and her strokes have improved tremendously. Printed copies are available upon request. Simply. All of our swim instructors in Hamilton are warm, friendly, and highly qualified. Join in on the fun with a mommy and me swim lesson in Hamilton! Convenience and flexibility is one of the core values at AquaMobile and we believe you should have a chance to experience this through our at-home private swimming lessons in Hamilton. The service is great, everyone is very nice, scheduling is flexible. Have Fun: Last but not least, it is important to have fun and mix learning with laughter. Our lessons with Lauren have been outstanding. “It’s on my live list bucket list.” With thousands of satisfied swimmers across North America, we're confident AquaMobile's swim lessons and instructors can help you gain the skills they need to feel comfortable in their local pool. Serving the Oakville, Dundas and the Greater Hamilton Area, Including Ancaster and Waterdown, swim lessons are offered at 56 Governor's Road (St. Joseph's Villa) in Dundas, Ontario. On the first day of class I often ask my adult swim students what motivated them to sign up, because yes, all come motivated. Swimming, as with any new endeavor, is as much about the mind as is it the body. Do the personalities mesh well? We've organized our AquaMobile infant swim lessons in Hamilton, to-understand steps that focus on the swimming, How to recognize an emergency and how to call for help, Fundamentals on how to kick and move their arms, Parents don't have to simply sit on the sidelines as their infants splash around. We are very happy that we found AquaMobile. Instilling fundamental swimming skills is extremely important for babies and toddlers in particular. With our staff of seasoned AquaMobile Swim School instructors, we can easily cater to your schedule. Instances of child drownings are a leading cause of death for children 14 and under. Our adult swim lessons in Hamilton are conducted in small class sizes, which allows our swim instructors to give you their undivided attention. Specialties: A passion born in the heart of a mom - driven by her love for children swimming and a desir… We ensure that all of our swim instructors are highly trained with at least three years of previous experience in addition to their CPR/First Aid lifeguard certifications. Registration Opens:  Monday, February 17th, 2020. Make sure the instructor is experienced teaching the age, swim level, and your specific needs . He was a real sport about it. “I turned 40 and want to celebrate by picking up a new hobby.”. If that does not remedy the problem, we're happy to provide a full refund. Taking it with extra care, sunbathing is wholesome because introduces Vitamin D into the body, so the top alternative seems to be switching amongst indoor and outdoor pools depending on the season. Having an issue figuring out which is the right program for you? Some common motivators we often hear include: “Oh my daughter is in swim team and she’s pushing me to learn.” AquaMobile not only focuses on swimming skills but also on water safety skills and to help you and your children enjoy a safe swimming environment. AquaMobile Swim School guarantees you'll get the best adult swim lesson experience in, Taking the Plunge: 5 Common Obstacles for Adult Swimming Lessons, Trial swim lessons are not a good indicator of the progress that will be made throughout a series of 8 or more private swim lessons. Read up on some of their bios. You can learn more about them here. All of our swim instructors in Hamilton are warm, friendly, and highly qualified. We have been featured in many media outlets such as Forbes, The Globe and Mail, Inc and more. We've organized our AquaMobile infant swim lessons in Hamilton into a handful of easy-to-understand steps that focus on the swimming fundamentals. If you have trouble picking the perfect one, our AquaMobile customer service team is more than happy to help you! Learn it well. Click below to see what's new! We've organized our adult swim lessons into a handful of easy-to-understand steps that focus on the fundamentals of learning how to swim. After helping thousands of kiddies in Hamilton graduate from the wading pool to the deep end, people have started to take notice! At parent and tot lessons, you'll also see firsthand how your child progresses and builds their swimming skill sets — not to mention participating parents can help identify areas for improvement to work on later. Here are AquaMobile Swim School’s drowning prevention tips for parents to ensure your children stay safe in and around your home swimming pool in Hamilton. Learning to swim at home with AquaMobile private swim lessons in Hamilton, ON will deliver the results you need to succeed. 5. Want your wee one to get a head start when it comes to pool play time? Some never had the opportunity to take swim lessons as a child. Practice makes perfect as they say in Carnegie Hall: A 30-45 minute weekly lesson isn’t all that much time, given that we have 24 hours a day, 7 day a week. enter the 10-digit number found on the back of your child's membership card. Olivia is 4 and didn’t know how to swim and she’s swimming on her own now and really confident in the pool. AquaMobile swim instructors will teach you the proper techniques so you can develop long-lasting swimming abilities. Contact the premises of any Waterdown Swimming Lessons listed here for far more details about timetables and fares. Mission accomplished for the day. You see more frequently asked questions (FAQ) here. You see more frequently asked questions (FAQ). Summer Swim Academy offers private backyard swimming lessons and guarded pool parties to families in Burlington, Oakville, Ancaster, Dundas, Waterdown, Hamilton, Mississauga and Milton, Ontario for children aged 6months-14 years from May to September. She has made Jeannie feel comfortable in the water which is the most important step. Our private infant swim lessons allow for a customized lesson plan that is catered to your infant’s needs and learning rate. The best part is that we bring this personalized experience right to your doorstep in Hamilton! Once in the building go straight the set of doors. She is phenomenal. I would highly recommend Lauren to anyone. Each student participating in our learn to swim programs will receive report cards and awards. Drowning is the third-leading cause of unintentional death worldwide, accounting for 7% of all injury-related deaths. Sometimes the toughest part is getting to the pool in Hamilton and getting in the water, but every student I’ve had has said that they always feel better afterwards. AquaMobile Swim School is a private swim school that offers high quality private swim lessons at our clients’ homes throughout a wide range of cities. Thank you so much for checking in. This is extremely important. depending on your preference. Dundas swim lessons are offered at 56 Governor's Road (St. Joseph's Villa) in Dundas, Ontario. From the 3rd class he was swimming by himself, floating by himself. Get your child's Aquatic Progress Report online. One from the benefits of outdoor swimming in Waterdown may be the possibility to sunbathe for the duration of the summer season. Without a doubt, my children progressed at triple speed vs. enrolling with the city pool. We also serve the surrounding areas of Hamilton including these cities and more! He was always diligent and he engaged the kids – even let them soak him! Can the swim instructor explain concepts in a way that makes sense to you? This is our second year with AquaMobile. Learning can be extra fun when your child is building skills while bonding with their besties! Each AquaMobile Swim Instructor in Hamilton, ON is also friendly, professional, and reliable. first aid courses in addition to our regular at home. We've been received numerous honours, including the Empact Showcase at the United Nations, the Emerging Entrepreneur Award 2014 and Small Business Challenge Winner in 2015. Hallie is now a much stronger swimmer now and her strokes have improved tremendously. What is Coronavirus and How is it Spread? You and your family can enjoy the following local pools to stay fit and have fun! Our adult swim lessons in Hamilton are taught either one-on-one or as a group, depending on your preference. This isn’t to say that the journey in the lane isn’t challenging. © 2020 AquaMobile, all rights reserved. She was positive, kind, and very knowledgeable. The service is great, everyone is very nice, scheduling is flexible. What is Coronavirus and How is it Spread? Privacy Policy. We'll work hard to help you meet your goals, all around your schedule. Each AquaMobile Swim Instructor in Hamilton must pass this step as part of the normal hiring process. We are very happy that we found AquaMobile. We're proud of the fact that AquaMobile is an award-winning swim school — and the list of honours just keeps growing!

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