special education gap

Staff have input on decisions that most affect their work, such as professional growth, curricular and instructional choices and school organization, and have adequate time to discuss these issues and make collaborative decisions. Those who focus on more “severe” classifications are ignoring the elephant in the room.
m) Instead, the special education gap begins in kindergarten, when students classified at a young age as having a speech or language disorder are less likely than other students to apply to charter schools. Students are active participants in structured and ongoing opportunities for meaningful after-school activities, such as project-based learning, academic clubs, and non-academic activities, with adults. If questions arise from this review process, the team could outline a means of investigating the issue to verify it. How well does the school maintain high expectations of students and ensure that all students are provided a quality education? Results for traumatic brain injury are similar. The factors that are identified are then used in the development of goals and objectives for the improvement plan. For instance, consider the impact of a student who is not in special education moving from the district sector to the charter sector in Denver. But “closing the gap” suggests to the public education system that the sole intent and purpose is to address the deficiencies between the performance levels of those in a specific sub group. In both cities (especially in Denver), the special education gap grows as students proceed from kindergarten through the 5th grade, and charters classify fewer students as SLD than do district schools. All participants� ratings will be recorded on a larger chart as part of a group process. Since students who apply to charter schools are assigned to enrollment randomly, we can have some confidence that the characteristics of those who enter charter schools in kindergarten mimic those of the students who apply. The data allow me to look into each of these potential underlying causes of the gap. Classroom instruction focuses on subject area content with minimal distractions. Student mobility increases the special education gap largely because of the movement of students who do not have IEPs.

Further, the size of the gap is determined largely by differences among students with mild rather than severe learning difficulties. No less important are the main factors that generate the gap: students entering charters may differ from those entering district schools (with respect to their special education needs), and students leaving charters may differ from those leaving district schools. Figure 1 provides some evidence regarding the types of students who enter into a charter school in kindergarten. 2) Use the scale at the bottom of the page to determine the percentage of effectiveness your school is achieving in this practice. e)

Staff are trained on models that incorporate strategies that increase the amount and intensity of time students have with a smaller group of teachers. Use the scale at the bottom of the page to determine the percentage of effectiveness your school is achieving in this practice. In grade 5 that difference was 4.7 percentage points. Unique student identifiers allow me to map student movement and classification changes each year. The impact of the movement of these students was a decrease in the proportion of students in special education in the charter sector of 5.1 percentage points. c)

Each student without an IEP who enters a charter school decreases the percentage of students in the charter sector with an IEP. That is, the analysis quantifies how the percentage of students with IEPs in charter schools increased between 2008–09 and 2009–10 due to students being newly classified into special education, to students with IEPs exiting the sector, and so on. This is more likely in the case of mild disabilities, such as speech and language disabilities and SLD. 2. To examine this issue, I restrict each data set to include only students who were enrolled in kindergarten in the first observed year (2008‒09 in Denver, 2009‒10 in New York City). A student with an IEP could exit the city’s system entirely or move from one sector to the other.
b) Thus, the overall impact of the movement of these students was to increase the special education gap by 4.2 percentage points. The Denver data show that students with disabilities are somewhat less likely to apply to attend a charter than are students without disabilities. The intent of this process is to gather information that will be used to develop a future or desired state based on the indicators that are on the gap analysis worksheet. N2 - ABSTRACT: Federal regulations indicate that the achievement gap must be closed between subgroups, including the gap between special education and non-special education students. Of course, we cannot observe the reasons that students exit, and thus I cannot say just how numerous are the incidences of charters (or district schools) counseling out students with disabilities. h) After effectiveness percentages have been recorded, identify the evidence that supports your perception of effectiveness. Free Document Samples & Templates to Download! for the time they spend in additional activities such as curriculum alignment, professional development, and student tutoring. A �no-failure� policy exists that ensures that struggling students are identified early and receive support targeted to identified needs. In this article, I identify key factors that contribute to the gap during the elementary-school years.

Charter schools are often criticized for not enrolling similar proportions of students with disabilities as are enrolled in schools operated by the surrounding district. Thus, in Denver, for school year 2012–13, the data set also includes information about student preferences for schools according to the city’s school-choice policy. Enrollment in advanced-level classes such as Algebra I and gifted and talent programs reflects the student populations in the school and district. This simple computational phenomenon tends to exacerbate the observed special-education gap.

Curriculum is vertically and horizontally aligned with state standards and teachers know what is to be taught and learned at each grade level and subject area. All students, including those receiving special education and English as a Second Language services, receive instruction based on the same content received by other students. Phone (773) 753-3347, or toll-free in U.S. and Canada (877) 705-1878 The process that involves the identification of gaps between the current state and the future or desired state is the beginning point for implementation of a school improvement process. Middle Level School Principal Seminar March 30, 2004 Austin, Texas Record the scores on a piece of paper or post-it notes. j) As we saw previously, elementary-school students without IEPs are more likely to enter charter schools in non-gateway grades than are students with IEPs. Gap Analysis d) The team may decide to write additional indicators or to revise existing indicators if it decides that the need exists. The overall special-education gap does not appear to be heavily influenced by relatively low enrollment of students with severe disabilities in charter schools.

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