tiarella 'sugar and spice foamflower

They make good ground covers in woodland gardens and shady borders. Tiarella is sometimes commonly called false miterwort because of its similarity to Mitella (miterwort).Genus name comes from the Greek tiara meaning a small crown in reference to the form of the fruit.‘Sugar and Spice’ is a medium-sized, mounding foamflower hybrid that is primarily noted for its white to pink spring flowers and its pinnately divided green leaves with dark center marks. Clumps may be divided every 2 to 3 years in spring or fall. Spikes of foamy pale pink and white flowers hover above the foliage. Easily grown in average, medium moisture, well-drained soil in part shade to full shade. Part shade-shade Note: This plant is currently NOT for sale. Avoid wet soils which can be fatal particularly in winter. Fills in by runners, like a strawberry. Sugar and Spice takes the realm of foamflowers to an entirely new level. Shade Gardening -7 Expert Tips for Shade Garden Success.

Soil should not be allowed to dry out. Sweet and sassy! Bloom Description: Frosted pink with white interior.

This hardy new perennial also thrives in mixed container gardens where it combines with hostas, lacy hardy ferns, and colorful heucheras. Learn more about Monrovia plants and best practices for best possible plant performance. Loads of airy bottle-brush flowers open blush white from rose pink buds. An herbaceous perennial. Sugar and Spice has some of the best winter-colored foliage available and they also make great ingredients for container gardens! Foliage clumps reach 8 in. Combine these attributes with a stunning spring and summer flower display and you arrive at tiarella Sugar and Spice. Slightly fragrant, frosted pink flowers with a white interior bloom in April-May in bottlebrush-like racemes atop stems rising above the foliage mound to 13” tall. ‘Sugar and Spice’ is a medium-sized, mounding foamflower hybrid that is primarily noted for its white to pink spring flowers and its pinnately divided green leaves with dark center marks.

Tiarellas (or foamflowers) thrive where other shade perennials may languish. wide; flowers reach 15 in. password.

They tolerate dry shade after established and require little maintenance once planted. Monrovia's Sugar & Spice Tiarella details and information.

Foliage is semi-evergreen in the St. Louis area where the amount of retained foliage color in winter, if any, is in large part dependent upon the severity of the temperatures.

Watch for powdery mildew. Mass for an attractive ground cover. Containers. Avoid wet soils which can be fatal particularly in winter.Spacing: 18 - 24 inchesFertilizing: Low maintenance, but adding organic matter will keep plants healthy.Winterizing: Semi-evergreen so do not prune for winterMaintenance & pruning: Shear old foliage before new growth appears in spring.

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