industrial accidents

(Sec. The Factories Act, 1948 makes detailed provisions in regard to various matters relating to the safety of the worker. The third category of causes of accidents are personal causes which can be listed as follows: (vii) Relationships with workers, subordinates, and supervisors. 38) – Effective measures should be taken to prevent the outbreak of fire and its spread. The deadliest industrial disaster of New York caused the deaths of 146 garment workers and injuries of 71 people. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. (iii) Employment of young persons on dangerous machines (Sec. (vii) Cost under employee welfare and benefit systems. (iv) Cost of recruiting and training a substitute worker. The severity rate, on the other hand, is “the total number of days charged or lost because of accidents per 1,00,000 man-hours worked.”. It is important to detect such accident-prone individuals and give them safety training and education and place them on safe jobs, where the chances of exposure to committing accidents are less. (v) Loss in production and quality due to lack of skill and experience of a newcomer. 1. Human Resource Management, Industries, Industrial Accidents. (v) Cost due to damage to the machine, tools, or other property, or to the material. A flammable vapour cloud formed, which started a massive vapor cloud explosion with the force of 2.4 tons of TNT. For example, an explosion or fire at a pyrotechnics manufacturing facility is an industrial accident, as is the accidental release of toxic … Uploader Agreement. Accidents are generally costly, both to an employee and to an employer. Harell, “Accident proneness is the continuing tendency of a person to have accidents as a result of his stable and persisting characteristics”. Two main statistical ratios have been used to gather accident information – the frequency rate and the severity rate. or external one which shows clearly the signs of injury. According to Indian Factories Act 1948, “Accident is an occurrence in an industrial establishment causing bodily injury to a person, which makes him unfit to resume his duties in next 48 hours.”, According to H. W. Heinrick, “Accident is unplanned and uncontrolled event in which the action or reaction of an object, substance, person, or radiation results in personal injury or the probability thereof”. It is always sudden, for a gradual process does not constitute an accident. (a) Educating the new employees at the time of induction. (vi) The cost of the period during which other workers to stop working out of fear or out of sympathy with the worker injured by an accident. 40) – If any building or part of a building or machinery or plant in a factory is in such a condition that it is dangerous to human life or safety, then the inspector may serve on the occupier or the manager or both of the factory an order specifying the measures which in his opinion shall be adopted and requiring them to be carried out. (vii) More wages than the normal ones are to be paid on overtime, in case the production work is held up, for honoring the orders of customer in time. (xix) Precautions in case of fire (Sec. Often training is provided to the workers regarding their work in the factory but sometimes workers do not give proper attention, but management should take care of them and only trained workers should be allowed to operate upon machinery. Sections 21 to 41 provide the safety provisions, which are absolute and obligatory in their character, and the occupier of every factory is bound to follow them: (i) Fencing of machinery (Sec. And this horrible illness turned out to be caused by the release of methylmercury in the industrial wastewater from a nearby chemical factory over a period of 36 years. (via Union of Concerned Scientists, Met Office News and AP Photo/ Volodymyr Repik). From an employer’s point of view, it disrupts production and also causes financial loss. Family losses the source of income and also to bear increased expenses of his treatment. Unsafe conditions are uncontrolled hazardous situations that can and oftentimes do lead to industrial accidents. The single worst industrial accident in history occurred on December 3, 1984, when some 45 tons of the dangerous gas methyl isocyanate escaped from the Union Carbide plant in Bhopal, India. Also, cranes and lifting machines should not be loaded beyond safe working load. (ii) Amount of compensation to be paid on account of death, disablement, etc. Partial disablement may be- (i) permanent, or (ii) temporary. According to the Workmen’s Compensation Act, 1923, disablement means loss of capacity to work or to move. The Government has drawn up a “National Program for Co-ordinated Action Plan” for control of hazards, and protection of occupational health and safety workers in dangerous manufacturing processes. (iii) Expenses to be made for the services of machines and tools on which the worker is working. The Government has set up Factory Advice Service and Labour Institute, Bombay, which functions as an integral body to advise Government, industry and other interests concerned with matters relating to safety, health and welfare of factory workers. Management should make continuous efforts for motivating the workers to do their job with utmost safety. 7. All this reduces only a small part of accidents. The explosion was estimated to be about 1-2 kilotonnes TNT equivalent, and the pressure wave ripped roofs off and destroyed windows up to 18 miles (30 km) away. Safety contests stimulate employees to think and act safely. (iv) Expenses to be made for inspection and repairs of the machines and the tools. 36) – No person shall be allowed to enter any chamber, tank, pit, pipe, etc. These provisions impose upon the occupiers or managers certain obligations to protect workers, who are unwary as well as negligent, from accidents. The injury inflicted on the worker should be serious which makes him unfit to perform his job for the minimum period of two days. It must arise in the course of employment in a factory or an industrial establishment. Following steps are taken for the prevention of accidents: Once the management develops interest in promoting safety measures, then it should plan the safety programme. 28) – Hoists and lifts should be of good mechanical construction and should be properly maintained and examined once in every six months. The frequency rate is the number of time-lost accidents (or injuries which have disabled an employee) per 1,00,000 man-hours worked. Women and young persons are not allowed to carry the above-said task. 33) – Every pit or opening in the floor should be properly covered or fenced. Some employees are more accident – prone as compared to others. (vii) Prohibition of employment of women and children near cotton-openers (Sec. Even after taking all the preventive measures, accidents occur. The word “accident” means any unplanned and uncontrolled event which results in damage, whether through injury or disease to an employee. (xiii) Pits, sumps, opening in floors, etc. Accidents not only affect the industry but to the worker, consumer and society. An employee may fall from a height while engaged on a particular assignment, or he may be caught in a machine while working on it, or he may fall against a machine, or parts of machine having a horizontal protruding motion may strike against him, or explosive used carelessly may explode and injure an employee. In the modern complex technological environment there are many potentially dangerous health hazards that result in accidents. It implies that the event is unplanned and uncontrollable by the person immediately before the occurrence of the event. (v) Operating or working at unsafe speeds, either too fast or too low. Even a minor accident may bring down the morale of the workers. Tight fitting clothing for workers working by the side of dangerous machines should be provided. Moreover, the event or occurrence should be something to which a definite time, date and place can be assigned. Sociologists and psychologists have made attempt to solve the problems of accidents in terms of proper selection, training, and education of workers and their socio-psychological factors that make them prone to accidents. Some losses are direct and some are indirect. (vii) Fear, nervousness, and impulsiveness. The National Safety Day is celebrated on 4th March every year throughout the country to mark the foundation day of the National Safety Council. The conflagrataion took ten hours to bring under control. 26) – All machinery driven by power shall be sunk, encased to guard against danger/accidents. Lapse of safety and its resultant impact accident may be defined as an unplanned and uncontrolled event which causes injury to a person. Content Filtration 6. Also, suitable devices for cutting off power in emergencies from machinery should be provided and maintained in every workroom. Ten to fifteen minutes later, that was followed by the explosion of the 20,000-US-gallon (76,000 liter) isobutane store tank, and other smaller explosions. While preparing a safety programme all possible mechanical safety devices and human engineering should be thought of for application. Image Guidelines 4. She has written numerous corporate and educational documents including project reports, procedures and employee training programs. A psychologist can take the following steps in providing the safety measures: Most of the accidents in the factory are due to the reasons that the workers do not take interest in the work or are afraid of operating a machine or they do not follow the instructions. Search it and find more details, but still, man made items, so military industrial? From a worker’s point of view, an accident creates pain for him and his family. (xiv) Excessive weights (Sec. Thus, it is essential for all concerned to take the necessary preventing steps. 35) – In every factory, screen or suitable goggles should be provided for the protection of persons who are employed in a work which involves danger or injury to the worker’s eyesight. (ix) Cost due to the loss of profit on the injured employee’s productivity and on idle machines. 37) – Effective measures should be taken to prevent explosion on ignition of gas, fume, etc. The toxic chemicals made contact with fish, dogs, pigs, and in turn poisoned the local inhabitants. People think of an accident as an unexpected occurrences resulting in actual physical damage to a living being or to a non-living being. Universite Laval: Industrial Accident and Disease, US Legal: Unsafe Condition Law & Legal Definition, US Legal: Unsafe Act Law & Legal Definition. The workers, the consumer, and the society at large are also the sufferers due to the occurrence of accidents. An industrial accident may be defined as “an occurrence which interrupts or interferes with the orderly progress of work in an industrial establishment. in which any gas, dust or fume is likely to be present. 31) – The limit of safe working pressure should not be exceeded. Worker should not all be appointed at a place where they don’t want to work because if it is done, he will not take interest in his work. As of March 2001, 1784 people had died and 500 more victims had been officially recognised. (xxiii) Safety officers (Sec. (viii) An accident has also its effect on the other workers. So worker should be fully convinced to work with proper care and attention. A total disability, either of temporary or permanent nature, incapacitates the person and makes it impossible for him to engage in any work he was capable of performing at the time of the accident which resulted in that disability.

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