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Call or WhatsApp: 0320-4042093 Store Location: Shop no. Akbar Akram, 44, was sentenced earlier this month in Tampa federal court. 433 Akbar Akram, a resident of Holiday, Florida, pleaded guilty today to illegally trafficking live water monitor lizards from the Philippines. Akram apparently admitted that he was aware that the lizards he was in possession of were poached in violation of Philippine law, and bringing the reptiles into the Untied States violated U.S. law. A Florida man was sentenced to four years of federal probation for trafficking in water monitor lizards, a protected species. Naples man killed in crash near Palmetto Ridge High School, Senate GOP lines up with Trump to quickly fill court seat. Monitor lizard is the common name for lizards comprising the genus Varanus. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, Akbar Akram, of Holiday, FL imported more than 20 water monitors from the Philippines between January and December 2016 by hiding them in socks. Learn more about the history of our agency at www.Justice.gov/Celebrating150Years. Temblor Legless Lizard Should Be Protected, Conservation Group Says, Monitor Lizards Stolen in 2019 Recovered By California Police Department, Asian Water Monitor That Spent All Summer At Kansas Lake Finally Captured, Wild Turtles In South Carolina Now Protected From Poaching, Two-headed Southern Black Racer Found In Florida, Phoenix Zoo Celebrates 25 Years Captive Breeding Of Chiricahua Leopard Frog, California Desert Tortoise Granted Temporary Endangered Species Status. Some species are common and abundant in the pet trade while others are rare and found only on certain islands. They are water-dependent and easily swim long distances, enabling them to inhabit a number of remote islands. Akbar Akram, 44, pleaded guilty in federal court in Tampa on Wednesday to one count of wildlife trafficking in a plan, which involved stuffing lizards into socks and concealing them inside electronics in order to avoid detection. He reportedly sought to elude customs authorities by putting the lizards inside socks that were were sealed with closed with tape. Exotic pet traders seek these water monitor lizards due to their attractive patterns, unique colors, intelligence, and rarity. Akbar Akram, 44, pleaded guilty to one count of wildlife trafficking for smuggling live water monitor lizards from the Philippines to the US. Water monitor lizards, as their name suggests, are water dependent and easily swim long distances. Secure .gov websites use HTTPS In the statement, Akram acknowledge he was aware that taking the lizards and shipping them violated both Philippine and US laws. He sold some of the lizards to people in Colorado, Connecticut and Massachusetts. Akbar Akram, 44, pleaded guilty Jan. 8 in U.S. District Court in Tampa and admitted to importing at least 20 live, water monitor lizards from the Philippines between January and December 2016. Exotic pet traders seek water monitor lizards due to their attractive patterns, unique colors, intelligence, and rarity. Monitor lizard species (there are approximately 70) are characterized by elongated necks, heavy bodies, long-forked tongues, strong claws, and long tails. TAMPA, Fla. – A Florida man has been sentenced to 90 days of home detention and 288 hours of community service for his part in a trafficking scheme in which live water monitor lizards were stuffed into socks and concealed inside electronics to be smuggled from the Philippines to the United States.

Water monitor lizards are semi-aquatic monitor lizards endemic to South and Southeastern Asia. The equipment, which was falsely labeled, was transported through commercial carriers to Akram’s associate in Massachusetts.

He pleaded guilty in January to one count of wildlife trafficking in violation of the Lacey Act and the the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species Treaty, court records show. As part of his plea, Akram admitted that he knew the monitor lizards he received had been taken in violation of Philippine law and that the import violated U.S. law, according to the statement. It is not known what species Akram pleaded guilty to trafficking, but the yellow-headed water monitor (Varanus cumingi), the white-headed water monitor (Varanus nuchalis), and the marbled water monitor (Varanus marmoratus), are endemic to the Philippines. Exotic pet traders seek water monitor lizards due to their attractive patterns, unique colors, intelligence, and rarity. The socks were then placed inside electronics equipment. Akbar Akram, 44, admitted to illegally importing over 20 lizards from the Philippines in 2016 Akram acknowledged he knew he was violating the law when he … Monitor lizards have a vast geographical range and are native to Africa, Asia, and Oceania. Akbar Akram, a resident of Holiday, Florida, pleaded guilty today to illegally trafficking live water monitor lizards from the Philippines. Official websites use .gov Part of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday & Metro Media Group, Hunter Biden's former business partner releases recording of 'Biden family friend imploring him not to go public' - and claims Joe's brother chuckled and said 'plausible deniability' allows the family to 'get away' with foreign investments, Second night of looting breaks out in Philadelphia amid BLM protests over fatal police shooting of Walter Wallace, car rams NYPD officers and mother of black man who died fleeing cops in Washington DC is maced, Emmanuel Macron could announce new nationwide French lockdown TODAY: President will address nation as 'out of control' virus causes 523 deaths in 24hrs - the most since April - and protests sweep Europe, Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort billed THREE DOLLARS for president's glass of water when he held summit with Japan's Shinzo Abe, Billionaire Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos 'has his sights set on CNN' amid claims AT&T could sell the network as it tries to shed massive debt, report says, Dodgers clinch World Series crown but now face QUARANTINE after player was pulled mid-game for testing positive for COVID... and he returned maskless to celebrate, Trump's campaign website is briefly 'seized' by hackers who claim to have evidence that 'proves his criminal involvement with foreign actors to manipulate the election', Dr Fauci warns that early COVID-19 vaccines will only prevent symptoms from arising - not block infection, Rudy Giuliani demands an apology from Fox host Kennedy and threatens to walk out after she compared him to Christopher Steele, the ex-spy behind Trump's 'dirty dossier', Girl, 7, and driver are killed in school bus crash in Tennessee after utility truck 'veered into oncoming lane' on highway, leaving multiple other children seriously injured, 1 in 5 US adults under 30 does NOT wear a face mask - and most take one or no other precautions to slow the spread of coronavirus, CDC report suggests, NXIVM sex cult leader Keith Raniere, 60, says he has 'no remorse' as he's sentenced to 120-years and 15 of his 'slaves' confront him with Dynasty star Catherine Oxenberg's daughter saying he treated her like 'human science experiment', Hamptons 'influencer' failed to pay $14,000 in rent for a three-months in luxury Montauk property and refused to move out by taking advantage of New York's eviction ban, Couple are charged over 'bogus COVID unemployment claims worth $2.5 MILLION' after posting pictures of their designer clothes, cars and jewelry online, California mom, 38, who went missing in Zion National Park for 12 days went there on a solo spiritual pilgrimage but had a breakdown and has since checked herself into a mental health clinic, sister says, Skull in sunglasses displayed on a fireplace mantel is found to belong to man, 79, who went missing in 2012, New claims Aussie special forces soldiers 'gloated about torturing and slitting the throats of Afghan civilians and prisoners', Donald Trump says voting Republican is an 'acknowledgement that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican' and 'a lot of people don't know that' to Nebraska crowd, What will Jared say? The customs declarations accompanying the shipments identified the content as audio speakers or similar electronics. Akram also admitted that he sold some of the lizards to customers in Colorado, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

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