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He continued his work on the Mark III and the Harvard Mark IV. Give contextual explanation and translation from your sites ! ‘ih sak   muh ihs ‘syay yeh vyich   mih lin, Hermann Minkowski         mi[ng] kuhf skee, Mirifici logarithmorum canonis descriptio     (Napier), Mirifici logarithmorum canonis constructio     (Napier), Magnus Gösta Mittag-Leffler           1846-1927         ‘mang nus   ‘y[oe]s tah   ‘mi tahk   ‘lef luhr, August Ferdinand Möbius  1790-1868 ‘ou gust ‘feR di,n[oe]nt  ‘m[oe] bee us Farey sequence         ‘far ee    ,see kwuhns, Pierre Joseph Louis Fatou         1878-1929           pyayr   ,ahoh ‘zef   lwee   fah ‘too, Johann Faulhaber       1580-1635            ‘yoh hahn   ‘fowl hah ber, Gustav Theodor Fechner       1601-65    ‘gus ,tahf  ‘tay oh ,dohr  ‘feKH nuhr, Mitchell J. Feigenbaum However the name is of French origin and is sometimes pronounced  dee ree ‘shlay. He passed away on March 14th, 1973. put them into people's throats?? Feigenbaum’s constant, Pierre de Fermat         1601-65       fehr ‘mah, Lodovico Ferrari        1522-65     ,loo daw ‘vee koh    fer ‘rah ree, Scipione del Ferro       1465-1526         shee ‘pyoh nay   dayl   ‘fehr roh, Richard Phillip Feynman            1918-88       ‘fyn man, Fibonacci        c1170-after1240        ,fee buh ‘nahch ee not to be confused with Hippocrates of Kos (Latin: Cos)        c.460-c.377         kahss, Philippe de La Hire        1640-1718         fee leep   de  luh  eer, Ernest William Hobson     1856-1933         uhr nuhs   ‘wil yuhm   ‘hob suhn, Herman Hollerith         1860-1929         ‘huhr man   ‘ho luhr ith, Do not confuse this with the nonmathematical word homogenous. Thank you for the note. Help WordReference: Ask in the forums yourself. Add Definition. Keep up. differential calculus, differentiate         ,dif uh ‘ren chee ayt, dimension         duh ‘men shuhn   or  dy ‘men shuhn, Diophantus of Alexandria    third century    dy oh ‘fan tuhss   al eg ‘zan dree uh, Paul Adrian Maurice Dirac           1902-84        di rak, Johann Peter Gustav Lejeune Dirichlet     1805-59     ‘yoh hahn  ‘pay tuhr  ‘goos tahf  luh ‘zhuhn  dee ree ‘klay. (also called aleph naught, aleph nought, and aleph zero) (Mikolaj Kopernik) (Polish)      mee ‘kawl ,eye     kaw ‘per neek, Marie-Alfred Cornu          1841-1902         mah ree    ahl fred     kawr n[ue], cosh         ,hy per ,bahl ik     ‘koh syn, Charles Augustin Coulomb        1736-1806         sharl    oh goos tin    ,koo ‘lo(n), Coulomb’s Law             English:  ‘koo ,lahmz   law, counterexample         ‘kownt uhr  egs ‘am puhl, Harold Scott MacDonald (Donald) Coxeter        1907-1956        ‘kahk se tuhr, Gabriel Cramer           1704-52        ‘gahb ree ,uhl     ‘krahm uhr, August Crelle           1780-1855        ‘kRel uh, cross product         krawss     ‘prah duhkt, Ákos Császár       1924-            ak ohsh     cha sar, Baron Clément Cyriaque de Mangin        1580-1643             ba ro(n)     klay mah(n)      ,see ,ree ‘ahk     duh   ,mahn ‘zhah(n), Jean Le Rond d’Alembert        1717-83        dah lah(n) ‘behr, Germinal Pierre Dandelin        1794-1847        ,zher ,mi ‘nal    pyer   ,do(n)d ‘la(n), Jean Gaston Darboux         1842-1917         zhan   ga to(n)   dar  boo, Charles Davies        1798-1876         chahrlz   ‘day veez, Julius Wilhelm Richard Dedekind        1831-1916        ‘day du kint, De Divina Proportione      (Pacioli & da Vinci), Johannes de Groot        1914-72      yoh ‘hahn ess   de  groot, Jean Baptiste Delambre        1749-1882      zho(n)   ‘ba teest    duh lo(n) bruh, Scipione del Ferro          1465-1526         shee ‘pyoh nay   dayl   ‘fehr roh, delta        ‘del tuh         delta = δ (lower case) = Δ (uppercase), Antoine Gombaud, Chevalier de Méré      fl. 432 B.C. raw-maw-nuh-jun With a SensagentBox, visitors to your site can access reliable information on over 5 million pages provided by You have earned {{app.voicePoint}} points. To make squares disappear and save space for other squares you have to assemble English words (left, right, up, down) from the falling squares. ( Log Out /  I am correcting this. [4] Grace Hopper joined the project in July of that year. You can contribute this audio pronunciation of Malchiah to HowToPronounce dictionary. Oops! Pronunciation of Malchiah with 1 audio pronunciation, 8 translations and more for Malchiah. koh(n)t duh b[ue](n) ‘foh(n), Ugo Buoncompagni         1502-85         ‘oo goh    boo on com puhn yi, Joost (Jobst) Bürgi        1552-1632      yohst (yohpst)  ‘b[ue]r gee Could you add pronunciations for the authors of commonly-used math texts, such as those listed at ? (also:  Leonardo of Pisa), Thomas Finck (Fincke)        1561-1656         ‘tom uhs   fingk, George Francis FitzGerald       1851-1901   jorj  ‘fran suhss  fits ‘jer uhld, floating point          ‘flohd i[ng]  poynt, floor function        flohr   ‘fuh[ng]k shuhn, fluxions          ‘fluhk shuhnz Two small corrections to your helpful pronunciation guide: I believe the last syllable of Tchebycheff’s name should be pronounced “shoff” (note that the last two Cyrillic letters are the same as those in “Gorbachev”). The correct way to pronounce the name Ludwig in German is. However the name is of French origin and is sometimes pronounced dee ree ‘shlay. Goldbach Conjecture         ‘gohl(b) bahk  kuhn ,jek chuhr, golden ratio        ‘gohl duhn    ‘ray ,shoh, golden section         ‘gohl duhn  ‘sek shuhn, Value is approximately 1.6180339887498948482045868343656381177203091798057628621354486227052604628189024497072072041893911374, Antoine Gombaud, Chevalier de Méré       fl. ep ih ‘men ih deez, epsilon       ‘ep suh ,lon         epsilon = ε (lower case) = Ε (uppercase), equiangular          ,ee kwuh ‘ang ,yoo luhr, equilateral          ,ee kwuh ,lad uh ruhl, Eratosthenes of Cyrene     c276-c194    ,er uh ‘tahs thuh neez  sy ‘ree nee, Paul Erdős       1913-97        powl ‘ayr d[ue]sh             English;   ‘ayr dish Choose the design that fits your site. Riemann hypothesis             ‘ree ,mahn   hy ,pah thuh sis, Gilles Personne (Personier) de Roberval        1602-75        zher   ,peR ‘sohn (,peR ,soh ‘nyay)   duh   ,roh ,ber ‘vahl, Abraham Robinson         1918-74       ‘ah brah hahm     ‘rob in suhn, Michel Rolle       1652-1719        ,me ‘shel   rol, round            rownd 2000        zhahk  lass kahr, latus rectum          ‘lad uhs   ‘rek tuhm, Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier           1743-94          ,awn ‘twahn    ,law ‘rah(n)    ,lah ,vwahz ‘yay, Henrietta Swan Leavitt        1868-1921        ‘lee vuht, Henri Léon Lebesgue        1875-1941        ,ah(n) ‘ree   ,lay ‘oh(n)    ,luh ‘beg, Adrien-Marie Legendre        1752-1833       ad ree ‘ahn    muh ‘ree    luh ‘zhahn druh, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz       1646-1716      ‘lyp nits    English:    ‘lyb nits, Abbé Georges-Henri Lemaître        1894-1966          ah bay  zhawrzh   ah(n) ree   luh metr(uh), Levi ben Gershom     1288-1344       ‘lee vye  ben  ‘guhr shuhm, Tullio Levi-Civita           1873-1941      ‘tool yoh   ‘lay vee  chee ‘vee tah, Guillaume François Antoine Marquis de l’ Hôpital     1661-1704      gee yohm  fra(n) swah ah(n) twahn  mahr kee  duh  loh pee tal, Liber abaci     (Fibonacci)         ‘lih behr   ‘ah bah chee, Marius Sophus Lie         1842-99         ‘mah Ree uhss   ‘soh fuss   lee   (roll the r), limaçon    ‘lim uh sawn      French:  ,lee muh ‘soh(n), Carl Louis Ferdinand von Lindemann         1852-1939         kahrl   ‘loo  ee   ‘fer dee nahnt  von  ‘lin duh mahn, Joseph Liouville         1809-82          zho zef   ‘lyoo ,veel, Jules Antoine Lissajous        1822-1880        zhool  ah(n) twan  lee sa ‘zhoo, John Littlewood         1885-1977      jon  ‘lid uhl ,wood, Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevski         1792-1856         nyigh kah ‘ligh  ‘eevah nuh vich  loh buh ‘chef skee

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