kate hurley, dvm

On a yellow legal pad she explained her rationale: If a shelter adopted out sick animals, people wouldn’t adopt from there — distrust and eroding support would follow.

In: Miller L, Zawistowski S, eds. Disease recognition and diagnostic testing. Welborn, L. V., J. G. DeVries, Ford, R., Franklin, R.T., Hurley, K.F., McClure, K.D., Paul, M.A. To provide education, information and dialogue that will create a supportive environment empowering people to help cats in their community. Not only did the MCC hit its goal (a year early! Hartmann, K., Hurley, K.F., Lappin, M.R., Levy, J.K., Little, S.E., Nordone, S.K., Sparkes, A.H. (2013). Hurley K.F., Pesavento PA, Pedersen NC, Poland AM, Wilson E, Foley JE. That would lead to fewer animals coming into the shelter, which meant staff could take better care of each animal and keep all of them healthy and adoptable. (2007). (2012). “The effect of cage size on the expression of normal behaviors in shelter cats.” Annual House Officer Seminar Day, Davis, CA.

(2018). Hurley’s research interests include welfare of confined dogs and cats, humane and effective strategies to manage community cats, and infectious disease (especially strategies for prevention).

Rick DuCharme, Founder and Executive Director, First Coast No More Homeless Pets August 18, 2016.

(2017). Karsten, C.L., Wagner, D.C., Kass, P.H., Hurley, K.F. “2013 AAFP Feline Vaccination Advisory Panel Report.” J Feline Med Surg 15(9): 785-808. “Shelter housing for cats: Practical aspects of design and construction, and adaptation of existing accommodation.” Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery  20(7), 643-652. Hurley soon found she couldn’t tear herself away from shelter work, however, and after graduation from veterinary school in 1999, immediately went to work as a shelter veterinarian. Kate Hurley, DVM, MPVM . To create a humane environment for all cats. Vet Clin North Am Small Anim Pract. Shelter Medicine for Veterinarians and Staff. ), the program has seen many shelters decrease their euthanasia rates by 80-90% after joining the MCC.

I ran to my professor, ‘Look at this! If not, be sure to check it to hear all about how Dr. Hurley got started in the world of animal welfare.

In this episode, Dr. Hurley is back to talk with Stacy about the amazing success of the Million Cat Challenge (MCC) program that she co-founded with Dr. Julie Levy three years ago. Miller, L. and Hurley, K.F., (2009) “Infectious disease management in animal shelters” Wiley-Blackwell Publishing, Ames, Iowa., 400 pages. She helps shelters achieve their goals of euthanizing fewer pets, saving more lives, and making their communities better for all animals and people. Kait Hurley official website - Online Workouts and Meditation Classes

“Enhancing quality of life for dogs and cats in confined situations.” Animal Welfare16(Supplement 1): 83-87. Kate Hurley, DVM, MPVM, Dip. But she finds her true joy in her work.

Among her proudest achievements she lists co-authoring guidelines for standards of care in animal shelters, and co-founding the Million Cat Challenge, a campaign to save a million cats in North American shelters over five years. She goes on to discuss what’s next for the MCC, which is “the right outcome” for every single cat that comes to a shelter in North America.” She hopes that CCP listeners will help out by visiting the MCC website, making sure that their local shelter is enrolled in the program—and if not, stopping by and taking with them about it! Des Moines, Iowa, Colorfx: 66-79. While her path wasn’t easy, Hurley eventually achieved her goals and now directs the Koret Shelter Medicine Program at the CCAH.

But this assignment confounded Hurley. Her professor assigned a production plan, which students generally understood in terms of helping livestock produce more wool, meat or milk, helping dogs produce larger litters of healthy puppies and the like. FeLV-positive Adoption Program Profile Series: KC Pet Project April 7, 2019.

An outbreak of virulent systemic feline calicivirus disease. “Developing Infectious Disease Policies and Procedures in an Animal Shelter”. She also co-authored the first-ever vaccine guidelines specifically for shelter dogs and cats.

You may remember Dr. Kate Hurley, Director of U.C. (2011). Timmins, R. P., Hurley, K.F., K. D. Cliff, et al. Wagner, D.C., Hurley, K.F., Stavisky, J.H. Drazenovich, TL, Fascetti AJ, Westermeyer HD, Sykes JE, Bannasch MJ, Kass, PH, Hurley, KF, Maggs, DJ. Following completion of the residency, Hurley became the director of the UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program. Her professor assigned a production plan, which students generally understood in terms of helping livestock produce more wool, meat or milk, helping dogs produce larger litters of healthy puppies and the like.

She has worked in almost every capacity of sheltering including: adoption counselor, kennel attendant and California state humane officer. Pesavento, P. A., Hurley K.F., et al. Tanaka, A., D. C. Wagner, Hurley, K.F. Jul 2003;33(4):759-772. Scherk, M. A., R. B. Ford, Gaskell, R.M. In Hurley’s downtime, she’s fond of unusually short dogs and ballroom dance. The program has definitely done just that, with nearly 1,311 fewer cats being euthanized per day in the United States now. Kamiya, C., D. C. Wagner, et al. Maddie’s Infection Control Manual for Animal Shelters. Stacy and Dr. Hurley discuss the specifics behind the numbers, and how the MCC was set up to amplify successes that were already happening in animal welfare. Update on feline calicivirus: new trends.

Kate Hurley, DVM, MPVM, Program Director Dr. Hurley began her career as an animal control officer in 1989 at the Santa Cruz SPCA, a private shelter providing … ABVP (Shelter Medicine), Program Director Dr. Hurley began her career as an animal control officer in 1989 at the Santa Cruz SPCA, a private shelter providing field and sheltering services to the community in Santa Cruz, CA. “Guidelines for Standards of Care in Animal Shelters”, The Association of Shelter Veterinarians. (2018).

Hurley K.F., Sykes JE. Kate Hurley, DVM, Director of U.C. (2013). “Someone should actually do all this.

Copyright © The Regents of the University of California, Davis campus. Public Figure.

Frustrated, Hurley called Dr. Niels Pedersen, then-director of the CCAH.

Kate Hurley, DVM, MPVM. (2007). Hurley has since advanced the quality of life for animals in shelters throughout the country through preventive medicine, disease management, and humane care and housing. Associate Director, CCAH Koret Shelter Medicine Program. J Am Vet Med Assoc.

Ames, Iowa, Blackwell Publishing. Unauthorized downloads are not permitted from this page. Jon Cicirelli, Assistant Director Public Works, Director Animal Care and Services, San Jose, CA Pedersen told her that the CCAH was about to receive a grant for shelter medicine and in 2001 Hurley returned to Davis to become the first in the world to undertake a residency in this discipline; she completed her Masters in Preventive Veterinary Medicine and Residency in 2003. Kate Hurley DVM. Cats, Birds, and Animal Shelters: Seeking Common Ground, https://www.communitycatspodcast.com/cc-podcasts/CommunityCatsPodcast_Ep295_Hurley_190413.mp3, Kathy Black, Cat Fanciers’ Association Judge, Sarah Moore & Dr. Teri Kidd, Animal Protective League. L. Miller and S. Zawistowski. (2008). I think I cracked the code!’” This was in 1997, before she had ever heard the words shelter and medicine uttered together; the main role she’d heard of for veterinarians at shelters was to spay and neuter.

While in veterinary school at UC Davis, Kate Hurley had to pass a herd health class to proceed with her studies. “Fatal Streptococcus canis infections in intensively housed shelter cats.” Vet Pathol 44(2): 218-21. These shelters have saved over a million more cat lives compared to their own baselines before joining the MCC. Davis Koret School of Veterinary Medicine and co-founder of Million Cat Challenge, from CCP Episode 47. , Schultz, R.D.

Hurley loved that job too but in 2001 couldn’t resist the opportunity to return to UC Davis to become the first in the world to undertake a residency in Shelter Medicine. Quelling the constant crises grew overwhelming. The idea was to connect people with each other and to make the progress that is happening for cats more visible in order to inspire both commitment and hope. Wagner, D.C., Kass, P.H., Hurley, K.F. (2018).

Instead she decided to craft a production plan that would result in fewer unwanted animals in a community. (2009) “Effects of dietary lysine supplementation on upper respiratory and ocular disease and detection of infectious organisms in cats within an animal shelter.” “Effects of dietary lysine supplementation on upper respiratory disease and infectious organism shedding in cats within an animal shelter.”  Am J Vet Res 70(11): 1391-1400.

The cycle would continue. The crowding and illness undermined the very goal the shelter had set of saving more lives. Pesavento, P. A., Hurley, K.F., Bannasch, M.J. et al. “I wrote this all out and thought, dang, that’s a good idea!” Hurley recalls.

“This can be the new norm for cats,” Dr. Hurley believes. zooepidemicus.” Vet Pathol 45(1): 51-3. International Exchange and Research Support, 2021 Radiation Oncology Physics Boot Camp, Feline Infectious Peritonitis Therapeutics/Clinical Trials Team, General Feline Infectious Peritonitis Resources, History of studying feline infectious peritonitis, Companion Animal Memorial Fund (by Veterinary Clinics). Becoming a veterinarian seemed a logical way to continue serving both pets and people, and after six years she left the Santa Cruz SPCA to attend the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. “2011 AAHA canine vaccination guidelines.” J Am Anim Hosp Assoc 47(5): 1-42. Kruger, E. F., B. For information about the show, consulting or educational opportunities please email Stacy LeBaron at, © 2019 Perry LeBaron Ventures, LLC, All Rights Reserved, Community Cat Voices COVID-19 Video Series.

Newbury, S.P., Blinn, M.K., Bushby, P.A., Cox, C.B., Dinnage, J.D., Griffin, B., Hurley, K.F., Isaza, N., Jones, W., Miller, L., O’Quin, J., Patronek, G.J., Smith-Blackmore, M., Spindel, M. (2010).

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