rainbow six siege operation shadow legacy patch notes

Updated reticle structure for Kali's CSRX300 and Capitao's Crossbow. We hope this will give a bit more flexibility for MMR rollback and reduce some of the frustrations surrounding it. Check out the full patch notes down below (via Ubisoft): New sights are coming! Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Shadow Legacy is almost here, bringing with it a slew of new features, gameplay changes, and updates. The stairs that led up from the first floor have been moved to connect Trophy and a new room that replaces the balcony next to Master Bedroom: the Solarium, he Bathroom no longer connects directly into Bedroom, but rather serves as a rotation point, A few other noticeable changes include the extension of the Mezzanine to connect to Office Balcony, roof access with new rappel points, and Wine Cellar no longer separated into two rooms, You can reveal opposing Operators by pinging their primary gadget, Regular yellow pings have assigned numbers to make for easier callouts, The reticle used to determine where your ping will go can be turned off in Options, When using a controller, the default Ping input has been switched with the Swap Fire Mode input, Montagne: Hard breach charge replacing Stun Grenades, Ying: Hard breach charge replacing Breach Charges, Fuze: Hard breach charge replacing Smoke Grenades, Finka: Hard breach charge replacing Breach Charges, Amaru: Hard breach charge replacing Claymore, Nøkk: Hard breach charge replacing Breach Charges, Capitão: Hard breach charge replacing Stun Grenades, Lion: Hard breach charge replacing Claymore, Maverick now has an additional blowtorch canister, with six in all (up from five), This gives players more leniency when rationing their fuel to open hatches. FIXED – Inconsistent objective scan detection by drone on bomb sites. We'll continue closely monitoring the impact of Ping 2.0 while it's on live while we we take a closer look at our options to try and will do our best to incorporate feedback to make the new Ping 2.0 an enjoyable experience and useful tool for players of all backgrounds. FIXED – Errors with disable state interaction in completing PvE situations. FIXED – Missing feedback warning message when Clash tries to user her CCE shield while in a disabled state. We’ve been monitoring the use of vote-to-kick and have found that it has since strayed from its original intent, leaning towards a more toxicity-related use case. FIXED – Drones sometimes spawn facing the wrong way and not facing the objective building. FIXED – Fuze has the Nato red dot, and the holographic and reflex scopes available for the AK–12 (he should have the Russian red dot, Russian holo, the Russian reflex, 2.0x and Russian 2.5x). FIXED – Montagne can unequip his shield while being guard broken. The developers are also trying their best to ensure the game remains balanced.With the addition of new in-game items such as the new scopes and hard breach charge, the devs now can use these tools to mix things up and find the optimal position for all the operators. FIXED – Firearms can sometimes get stuck if players pick up deployable gadgets during the animation and using other buttons simultaneously. FIXED – In custom matches, the Hostage can still be killed even after setting Hostage death to off. The season will include a price decrease for seven operators.

Players will get to preview those sight options in small and full screen mode before making their choice. FIXED – Weapons appear in the middle of a deployable gadget while gadget is being deployed/cooked. This gives players more leniency when rationing their fuel to open hatches. It also allows us to keep sanction communication in-game, making it easier for users to get updates while they play. FIXED – Clash can slow opponents even when her CCE Shield is facing the opposite direction after being meleed and having her guard broken. You can customize sensitivity levels per zoom level according to your personal preference by selecting the ‘Advanced’ option in the Options menu. FIXED – Ash's breaching round will not explode properly when it interacts with reinforced walls in a certain way. The disabled state for the electronic gadget is an update aiming to add a disabled state for gadgets, besides active or destroyed. FIXED – You can go through the cool vibes wall on Coastline while rappelling. The patch notes include changes to new sight attachment, loadout changes, and important quality of life changes to mitigate some player complaints. FIXED – Montagne and Clash cannot extend their shields while crouched. Once you’re in the replay, you can use the spectator mode tools to check any top-down views or first-person view. FIXED – Minor chroma changes to destructible walls for better clarity. FIXED – When melee hitting an electrified deployable shield, players take 15 damage (should be consistent with damage taken from electrified reinforced walls/barbed wire – which is 3 dmg). “Argus Cameras do have one more quirk though: a single laser shot, perfect for destroying key elements in the Defenders’ setup or drawing attention away from chokepoints.”.

Operators will now take from a reinforcement pool including 10 available reinforcements to share with teammates. If you're seeing this message, that means JavaScript has been disabled on your browser, please enable JS to make this app work. Amaru: Hard breach charge replacing Claymore.

You will now receive in-game notifications after a player that you reported is sanctioned. New MH1 Holo Sight – Alternative Holo that offers a clean sight and new reticule. Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Shadow Legacy is almost here, bringing with it a slew of new features, gameplay changes, and updates. FIXED – Popping animation when running downhill. Updates and fixes made over the course of the Y5S3 Test Server.
FIXED – Holo MH1 reticule is not properly aligned. FIXED – Unmuting another user that you blocked does not unmute them. While making the 1x scopes available for all the operators is something that we have considered, there are a number of design limitations that prevent us from making it a possibility at this time. FIXED – Tons of Chalet stuff (see Chalet rework.). With the ADS Sensitivity System, ADS is more consistent across all sight/scope magnifications. FIXED – Various SFX ping errors in menu/UI.

The cap for MMR rollback has been raised from your max MMR for the season to your max MMR + a fixed amount. Maverick and Clash will cost 15,000 renown or 360 R6 credits, while Ying, Lesion, and Ela will cost 10,000 renown or 240 R6 credits. We’re currently evaluating the feedback that we’ve received on Ping 2.0 over the course of the Test Server.

FIXED – Montagne's extended shield is automatically equipped if the player presses the key/button for his shield and then stands up later. FIXED – Ammo counter appears off screen when using 4:3 aspect ratio. The patch notes include changes to new sight attachment, loadout changes, and important quality of life changes to mitigate some player complaints. His Argus Launcher is equipped with special cameras that can lodge themselves into a breakable and reinforced surface to surveil either side. FIXED – If Iana is using the new Y5S3 1.5x or 2.0x Scopes, they will revert back to the old ones when using her hologram. FIXED – Breaching charges display fire spark VFX if they're destroyed without being detonated. FIXED – Various HUD fixes in caster mode. © 2015 Ubisoft Entertainment.

Re-added old Nato Holo in place of the new MH1 Holo for: Added new Nato Holo to replace old Holo for: Added raiser to the 1.5x Scope to alleviate the issue of the visible iron sight/front pins when in ADS. Here’s the full list of updates for Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Shadow Legacy. At least they're pretty.

Later in the season, we’ll be removing vote-to-kick from Quick Match—the only playlist which had this feature.

Ubisoft has introduced a new feature called the Map Ban.

Abilities and gadgets have new VFX for their states when they are ready, active, cool-down, etc. New M4S Red Dot Sight – 1.0x zoom, which functions as a ‘no zoom’ sight. FIXED – Small gap above the double doors of EXT Visa Entrance of Consulate. FIXED – Placing and detonating a nitro cell or impact grenade on the flag in 2F Consul Office of Consulate will not deal damage to any nearby operators. Ubisoft is introducing a new feature that will increase the accessibility of the game. The goal of this, according to Ubisoft, is to bring some balance to the defending team and allow operators that already have a lot of preparation before a match to leave it to others. We strongly encourage you to report toxic players via the in-game reporting panel so that they can be sanctioned. FIXED – Flickering textures for certain map surfaces.

A new Match Replay feature that records your last 12 matches is coming to the test server.

Hostage and Secure Area game modes are now shown as feedback in the HUD. With this in mind, we would like to spend some more time gathering data and feedback on the live servers. Sam Fisher is the face of Rainbow Six Siege Shadow Legacy, but there are a … FIXED – Some Optic colors (orange, turquoise) are not displaying their true color at high opacity levels. FIXED – Minor feedback issues for new disable state (see new Disable State in Patch Notes). Bring your best Siege-themed pumpkins to life this Halloween and show them off with the hashtag #PumpkinSiege for a chance to win the complete 2020 Sugar Fright Halloween collection! New naming convention for shields. This will also only impact DEF operators with 1x zoom scopes. FIXED – Shield operator's shields will flip after swapping it out and meleeing. Read More: Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shadow Legacy: All New Changes Introduced

FIXED – If Iana's hologram is activated while a player reconnects to a session, Iana may appear to be dead to that player. Y5S2.3 will release the week of July 27th for both PC and Console. Based on feedback over the course of the TS, we’ve given the old Holo back to some operators, while swapping the new Holo to others to gather more data and feedback. FIXED – Small destructible objects can block Melusi's Banshee's LOS. Some of the important gameplay updates from the Technical Test Server of Operation Shadow Legacy includes: The Technical Test Server for Operation Shadow will go live tomorrow, so try it out for yourself and report any bugs you encounter to r6fix. FIXED – Various minor menu/round SFX issues.

FIXED – Various issues when spectating with Caster mode. By Morgan Park 20 August 2020. Amaru and Goyo will cost 20,000 renown or 480 R6 credits. We have begun the process of refactoring our sound system, which will essentially repackage the way sounds are stored and connected to the game. The pool will decrease by one for each reinforce used and will increase by one for each failed reinforcement.

FIXED – Explosion damage can pass through the metal desk in B CCTV of Bank. New ACOG (1.5x Scope) – An ACOG with short-to-medium range magnification, New Scope (2.0 Scope) – With medium range magnification, 3.0x Scope – No longer a unique option, and will be an option for most DMRs (depending on balancing needs). Montagne: Hard breach charge replacing Stun Grenades. To modernize the map, Ubisoft has focused on the objectives and how balanced they were: The new ping system is coming in the upcoming patch. For more information on what that means and how it will improve our sound system, please see Top Issues & Community Concerns. The sensitivity slider now goes up to 200. FIXED – Various issues with Zero’s piercing camera gadget and interactions with various props/functionality (see Zero in Patch Notes).

Ubisoft is looking to modernize the map and focus on balancing objectives. With the numerous RFF conditions in place, as well as the improved player-reporting panel, we feel the original need for vote-to-kick should be fulfilled by these other options for reporting toxic players instead.

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