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Do you have the relevant contracts of employment and policies in place to safeguard you and your employees?

Some businesses go online and copy a contract or policy and then find out it was the wrong thing to do especially when they realise that the documents are not compliant with current employment law.

With our fully legally compliant HR Starter packs, you will have access to a whole range of advice and support, bespoke contract of employments, policies and much more, giving you peace of mind that you are legally compliant from the offset. All our documents are tailored to your business.

Both options include twelve months complimentary access to our Intuitive cloud-based HR software for employers with up to 10 employees. Click here to see what’s included in the software.

Standard HR Starter Pack – £599 plus VAT

  1. Bespoke Employment Contracts
  2. Disciplinary Procedure
  3. Employee Checklist
  4. Employee Code of Conduct document
  5. Employee Data Policy
  6. Employers Privacy Notice
  7. Employment Law Employee Handbook
  8. Equality and Diversity Policy
  9. Equal Opportunities Statement
  10. Grievance Procedure
  11. Health & Safety Policy
  12. Health & Safety Statement
  13. Inappropriate Behaviour Policy
  14. Medical Questionnaire (Equality Act 2010)
  15. Mobile Phone Use While Driving Policy
  16. Probationary Period Policy
  17. Proof of Entitlement to Work in the UK Document
  18. Redundancy Policy
  19. Social Media Policy


Premium HR Starter Pack – £899 plus VAT

  1. 48 Hours opt our Agreement
  2. Bespoke Employment Contracts
  3. Data Breach Checklist
  4. Data Breach Record
  5. Data Transfer Checklist
  6. Disciplinary Procedure
  7. Document Retention Checklist
  8. Email and Internet Use Policy
  9. Employee Checklist
  10. Employee Code of Conduct
  11. Employee Data Policy
  12. Employee Data Subject Access Request
  13. Employers GDPR Compliance Checklist
  14. Employers Privacy Notice
  15. Employment Law Employee Handbook
  16. Equal Opportunities Statement
  17. Equality and Diversity Policy
  18. Health & Safety Policy
  19. Health and Safety Statement
  20. Grievance Procedure
  21. ICO Checklist Asking for Consent
  22. Inappropriate Behaviour Policy
  23. Induction Checklist
  24. Induction Policy
  25. Legitimate Interest Assessment Checklist
  26. Medical Questionnaire (Equality Act 2010)
  27. Mid-point Probation Review Form
  28. Policy on Mobile Telephone Use
  29. Probationary Period Policy
  30. Probationary Period Review Form
  31. Processing Agreement Template
  32. Proof of Entitlement to Work in the UK Document
  33. Recruitment and Selection Policy
  34. Redundancy Policy
  35. Response to Data Subject Access Request
  36. Social Media Policy
  37. Standard Contractual Clauses for Transfer of Personal Data
  38. Subject Access Request Record
  39. Young Workers Policy


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