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Our Team

Edward Obi

Champion of Office Happiness

As the Director of HR Hub Plus Limited, Edward is charged with keeping the company's mission and pushing the business forward. From leading business development to participating in his brand of "HR evangelism – he loves creating awareness so businesses do not leave themselves exposed to unnecessary employment tribunal claims". He loves spending time with his children, playing squash, reading, podcasts and movies. A marvel fan so don’t get him started especially if you are a DC fan. 😊  

Martyna Lesniak

HR Navigator

Martyna, our dedicated Human Resource Specialist at HR Hub Plus. With her kind and approachable nature, Martyna is a beacon of support for both our clients and prospective talents. Renowned for her ability to make complex processes feel effortless, Martyna is always ready to guide and empower with a friendly smile. Count on her to navigate the intricacies of HR inquiries with expertise, ensuring that every interaction is not only smooth but also leaves a positive and lasting impression. Martyna's…

Namrita Don

Appointment Getter

Namrita is our results-driven Business Development Executive known for her prowess in cultivating partnerships and accelerating revenue streams. With a strategic approach and compelling communication skills, she adeptly identifies client needs and crafts tailored solutions that surpass expectations. Beyond her business acumen, Namrita takes the helm of our social media accounts, engaging audiences and amplifying our brand presence. Outside of work, she enjoys networking at industry events and contributing to community initiatives.

Adebayo Winsala

Digital Strategist

Adebayo, Digital Marketing Associate at HR Hub Plus Limited, passionately blending creativity with strategic thinking to craft compelling brand narratives. Immersed in filmmaking, he uniquely enhances brand visibility, making each campaign a captivating journey of storytelling. Adebayo's marketing expertise enriches our team with a vibrant, multifaceted skill set. Whether at film festivals or globetrotting, he skillfully captures memorable moments through his lens, infusing our endeavors with dynamic and creative energy.

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