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“I have been with HR Hub Plus for a few years now and they have totally taken away my HR worries. With such a great wealth of knowledge, I’m always assured that Edward and his team are well ahead of the game with the constant changes in HR laws and are sure to keep me right. I can certainly focus on my business without having to worry about the HR side of things.”


Are you managing your GDPR implementation internally but need some support?

We offer a GDPR Compliance Pack. This is ideal for organisations who require assistance on the journey to compliance.

There is a growing requirement for organisations of all sizes to understand and comply with data protection and data privacy regulations, but many do not know where to start or they require assistance.

Our GDPR Compliance Pack is only £495.00 plus VAT.

Essential training for GDPR compliance?

GDPR training is vital to ensure that all staff comply with data protection law and understand the impact GDPR has on your business.

Bulletproof GDPR training courses will strengthen data protection knowledge within your organisation and ensure your staff and business operations are GDPR compliant.


Taking away the strain of writing policies and documents in-house

If you do not have the skills, time, or knowledge in-house to write policies, procedures and documents, let us take away the strain.

There are many other more relaxing and enjoyable ways to pass your time than writing policy documents or outlining GDPR audit requirements. Policies are a critical and important tool which can deliver a wide range of benefits and we can help you implement them.

We always recommend our GDPR Compliance Pack as it makes great business sense

Show your clients that you care

Clear policies and guidance demonstrate to clients the importance you place on the protection of their data. In the event of a data breach, clear policies will also be one part of the mitigation and defence against any legal action.

If you do not have the time to audit, create or review your policies, just get in touch, we will take away your headache and give you the time to do the things you enjoy.


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