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Outsourced Payroll

Simplified Payroll Solutions and Services for UK companies with our low fixed fees, we help keep costs to a minimum. Our prices starting from £34.00 plus VAT per month is for a payroll run, and not per person.

Let us handle your payroll so that you can focus on managing your business

Payroll is fundamental to any organisation. If people do not get paid, or if there are inaccuracies with payroll, it will have a direct impact on staff motivation and morale. Businesses that rely on a single member of staff to handle the payroll are placing themselves in a highly vulnerable position if that person leaves or is absent. By outsourcing to HR Hub Plus Limited you can be sure that there is a team of payroll professionals managing your payroll.

Let us make sure your payroll commitments to your employees and to HMRC are met accurately and on time, every time. That is our peace of mind guarantee.

How do we process your payroll?

(1)We send you a reminder

We'll email you at the end of each pay period for the pay details of your employees who have worked.

(2) We send out your payslips

We'll process your payroll, then send out payslips and a summary of how much to pay your employees and HMRC.

(3) We submit your RTI return to HMRC

Once we've received your approval, we'll submit your RTI return to HMRC. Job done!


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