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Still using spreadsheets?

Stay on top of your HR admin with this easy-to-use award-winning cloud-based software.

How will this help my business?

Aside from Breathe’s time-saving features, the fact that it is cloud-based is a huge benefit for small to medium-sized businesses. Instead of installing software on each of your user’s computers, Breathe lets your staff access the software from anywhere. It requires no installation, no large up-front payment, and can be up and running in moments.



Charities enjoy a lifetime 50% discount as long they are registered in the UK and have up to 250 employees.

Why do you need HR software?

If you have ever had the pain of searching for a lost document or scouring a busy spreadsheet, you need HR software. It simply centralises all your employee data. HR software also gives power to your people. With it, they can book off annual leave, keep up with training, and more – without you needing to hold their hand.


Simple HR Software for SME’s

Staff Holiday Booking System


Let’s work together – and make things better

Take a free trial of Breathe and see for yourself how easy it is to win back time in your day and help your people be the best they can be. Book your free demo today.

What features are included in Breathe?

You can see all the features that are included and some extra modules available here.

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