We have COVID-19 protocols in place - read our update for the latest information.

Covid-19 Risk Assessment

How HR Hub Plus Limited is ‘Covid Secure’

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HR Hub Plus Limited has taken steps to ensure it’s managing the risk of Covid-19 across the business. We have:

1. Continue to engage with all our employees currently working from home including those in
the higher risk category
2. Sickness procedures in place for colleagues displaying symptoms
3. Provided PPE and RPE
4. Implemented social distancing in our office spaces and stepped-up hygiene requirements.
5. Introduced dynamic risk assessment before entering a client’s premises for colleagues who
visit other premises
6. Kept colleagues up to date as we make changes to our working practices through
information and training.
7. Limited to only essential visitors to all our sites and utilized virtual software to reduce risk of
face-to-face contact.
8. Implemented a policy and assessed our business in line with existing government guidelines.
9. Communicated all the requirements to our colleagues.
10. Adjusted business policy for employees to conduct twice weekly lateral flow testing if
working in the office or field based.

We will continually review our risk assessments and policies on Covid19 to ensure they reflect our
working practices and government guidance.

Some businesses we have worked with